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  1. The 3 Best Butter Substitutes - Healthier Options for Butter Lovers

    In addition to being darn tasty, butter comes naturally packaged with many nutrients that can help protect you from chronic disease. And, the whipped butter varieties taste just as yummy but are lower in calories, fat and cholesterol than regular butter.But this week, we turn the spotlight on butter substitutes.Sadly, looking for the best picks here was no easy feat. Most of the brands we investigated turned out to be merely "healthy food imposters." Sure, they all tout ZERO TRANS FATS, LESS SATURATED FATS and ZERO CHOLESTEROL - and promises of "tastes just like the real thing" - but upon...

  2. Turn Off Your Body's Fat-Making Machine

    Does it seem like you've been dieting your entire life yet never enjoying the weight loss you crave? If you're tired of starving yourself, giving up all of your favorite foods, feeling deprived, and exhausting yourself with exercise and still not finding the answer to permanent weight loss, then it's time you checked out The Insulin Resistance Diet (McGraw-Hill).Your weight issue probably more to do with body chemistry than it has to do with your willpower and late-night snacking. Get your body's ability to handle insulin under control and you will, in effect, be switching off your fat-making machine!"If you...

  3. 12 Ways to Never Get Diabetes

    Prevention says diabetes is growing at a scary rate, but it's also one of the most preventable diseases around.Losing weight is a major first step.Shedding even 10 pounds can significantly slash your risk. Even extremely overweight people were 70% less likely to develop diabetes when they lost just 5% of their weight... even if they didn't exercise. If you weigh 175 pounds, that's a little less than 9 pounds! Use our calorie calculator to see how many calories you consume -- and how many you need to shave off your diet -- if you want to lose a little. Read...

  4. 10 Ways to Cut Your Salt Intake

    While sodium occurs naturally in foods, most of the sodium in our diet comes from salt or sodium chloride that is added to foods. Too much sodium can contribute to high blood pressure, a risk factor for heart disease. A high sodium diet alone does not cause high blood pressure but can contribute to it in those with risk factors. 10 Ways to Kick the Salt Habit • Read labels! Choose foods with less sodium than calories (per serving). • Fresh is best – opt for fresh fruits, vegetable, meats, poultry and fish. • Look for no salt added, low-sodium or less-sodium canned vegetbles, beans,...

  5. Making Informed Food Choices

    March is National Nutrition Month and this year’'s theme is about making healthier food choices. So you might ask, "What information do I need to know in order to make the right food choices?" It starts with knowing...

  6. Take Weekends Off & Still Lose Weight!

  7. 'Junk Foods' That Are Healthy

    Are your kids sick of school lunches? How can you encourage them to take the high road when it comes to nutrition at school, when all they want is pizza? Here’s a news flash: most children prefer taste over nutrition, so we need to beat them at their own game. Then everyone wins! Educating them about nutrition is important, but doesn't always translate into better choices. Thank goodness for "healthy junk foods." This new generation of health food tastes delicious, and bears no resemblance to their cardboard- and Styrofoam-flavored ancestors. Try sending along Frito Lay Sun...

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