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  1. 15 Crazy Fitness Contraptions From The Past 100 Years

    People will do just about anything to lose weight and get that "dream" body. For the last hundred years or so, entrepreneurs from around the world have recognized that fact and invented some of the weirdest fitness contraptions imaginable. Creative, wacky, or downright dangerous; these machines are definitely on the crazier side. Enjoy...

  2. Friday Fun Post: Hilarious Diet Search Phrases for January

    I have been laughing a lot in the last couple of hours... Today I had the opportunity to review some of the search phrases people typed in to find the Diet-to-Go website in January. All I can say is WOW! Where do people come up with this stuff??!!I couldn't help but write a blog post on the subject. Maybe we will make this a regular monthly feature. Not only is it hilarious to see what some people have typed in, you get a pretty good feel for trends and discover the power of Google....

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