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    Top News

    “Biggest Loser Trainers Publicly Promote Diet and Exercise, Quietly Endorse Unproven Weight Loss Pills”
    via: Think Progress
    By: Katie Valentine

    When it comes to using diet and exercise as a way to promote weight loss, the hit NBC TV show “The Biggest Loser” really sums up just how effective those methods alone can be to assist in weight loss. But, according to this article, the show’s two star trainers, Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels, are also quietly promoting their own weight loss supplements by setting up alternative websites to sell and advertise the products. Interesting, considering that the trainers advocate exclusively for using diet and exercise alone to lose weight on the show and publicly.

    “Spending on weight loss products climbs”
    via: The Dallas Morning News

    As the spotlight on the obesity epidemic grows brighter in America, so does the weight loss industry. More and more companies are offering Americans products and services to help combat the problem and offer Americans assistance in their sturggles. Sales in 2013 are projected to come in at over $38 billion. A lot of money is being spentto battle the largest problem America faces - the hope is that it will really be worth it..


    “50 Most Innovative Health & Fitness Startups”

    This list is great because it shows some of the best health & fitness apps, foods, routines and more that you can use to make a difference in your life. Many people have found that using these apps, recipes, fitness routines and more have made all the difference in them getting healthy and changing their lives. It’s people helping people...real ways to get healthy and change ... and they really work.

    “Mississippi forbids local laws on nutrition, super-size drinks”
    By: Emily Le Coz

    In the state with the highest obesity rates in the country, lawmakers put the halt on new laws that would have forced restaurants to post nutritional information and stop selling super-sized drinks to patrons. Why? Lawmakers contend that its not the government’s place to manage people’s dietary choices, although the government does monitor helath care costs, which grow every year as the obesity epidemic increases.

    “Gwyneth Paltrow: My Clean Diet ‘Changes My Marriage’ to Chris Martin”
    via: US Weekly
    By: Zach Johnson

    Eating right and getting in fitness are the key to living a better life, relaxing and improving emotions. At least that’s what Gwyneth Paltrow said about her 10-year relationship with Chris Martin. Gwyneth said that by eating low-carb food, she was able to not only feel better about herself, but control her emotions and be a better wife and mother. Plus, she looks amazing for being 40, a feat most of us would love to accomplish.

    “Is a Gluten-Free Diet Healthier for Most of Us?”
    via: CBS Minnesota

    It’s all the rave nowadays; 29 percent of Americans say they are trying to cut back on gluten in their diet to get healthier. But is a “gluten-free” diet really all it’s supposed to be? Although cutting back on gluten may help some people lose weight because it works to eliminate processed foods from people’s diets, it is not a “magic bullet” for weight loss. In fact, eating some of the supermarket food labeled as “gluten-free” is often more expensive, and the foods can have more fat and calories than their regular versions. When evaluating if gluten-free is right for you, consider if you can accomplish the same feat and reach your goals by simply making a commitment to eating less processed foods instead.

    “Stephenie Meyer Weight Loss”

    Twilight author Stephenie Meyer showcased her dramatic weight loss at the premiere of The Host in Los Angeles this week.

    Blog Posts

    “How Do I Accurately Track My Weight and Fat Loss?”
    via: Life Hacker

    Sometimes it can be tough to know where you’re body is realy at when it comes to weight loss. Many of us struggle: do we weigh ourselves in first thing in the monring, late at night, when? How accurate of an indicator is weight losss anyway? In fact, our bodies can fluctuate in weight up to 12 pounds a day! This post outlines some of the best ways to measure your progress towards healthy living, such as measuring fat oss instead of weight loss, weighing in twice a day and more.

    “How to Make Easter Egg Shakers”
    Crazy About my BayBah
    By: Lauren McGreal

    Easter’s coming up next Sunday (March 31), and finding fun ways to engage the kids, especially when you’re trying to eat healthy, can be quite the challenge. That’s why these fun eggs shakers are great. The kids will love helping you make them, and they’re an easy way to celebrate the holiday without loading up on sugar-heavy chocolate and other unhealthy treats. Give them a try!

    “A Double Digit Week”
    Super Sana
    By: Sana Waheed

    “There’s no better feeling than realizing that your body just did what it couldn’t do 2 weeks ago.” THat’s a quote that really rang true for Brand Ambassador Sana Waheed this week. For the first time in her life, Sana put in an impressive 11.69 miles of running time. If you think you can’t change your life, just consider how unbelievably impressive that is for a young woman who overcame a severe back injury to run such a long distance! Amazing!

    “Building up that Pink Glow”
    Double Chin Diary
    By: Alyssa Curran

    When you make the decision to change your life and get healthy, one of the struggles is finding what works for you, especially when it comes to fitness. For blogger and Brand Ambassador Alyssa Curran, exploring new types of fitness is an ongoing occurrence. A hike up a large hill to look out over a beautiful horizon is rewarding and fun, while the monotony of running on a treadmill at the gym is boring and mundane. No matter what, Alyssa continues to “build up her pink glow,” working to get fit and lose weight … and trying new things to get there.


    “Olive oil may help keep you full longer and cut back on food cravings”
    Technische Universität München 

    A recent study conducted by university researchers revealed that adding more olive oil to your diet may help you stay full longer, stopping you from unnecessary snacking between meals. Olive oil has a higher concentration of the satiety hormone serotonin, a hormone that helps to regulate food cravings.

    “Drinking tea helps shed extra kilos”
    Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry
    via: Post

    Researchers at Japan’s Kobe University found that drinking tea on a consistent basis can help reduce fat build-up and the risk of developing Type II Diabetes.

    “Carb-heavy diet for infants could lead to weight gain later in life”
    American Journal of Physiology, Endocrinology and Metabolism

    Feeding your little one large amounts of bread or pasta (and other high-carb foods) could be a recipe for obesity problems later in life, according to a new study conducted by researchers at the University at Buffalo School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences. That means that many of the traditional baby foods that parents give to their children can predispose that child to weight gain later in life, especially if the child is given them before 4-6 months old.

    “Chewing Gum Doesn’t Lead to Weight Loss, study suggests”
    Eating Behaviors Journal

    Despite earlier studies to the contrary, new research indicates that chewing gum does not cut back on cravings and lead to weight loss, but rather leads people to eat more candy and chips instead of fruits and veggies. According to the researchers (from Ohio State University), this is because menthol often found in gum makes fruits and veggies taste bad.

    “Banned ingredient aristolochic acid (found in many weight loss supplements) greatly increases chances of developing kidney failure”
    Annals of Internal Medicine

    A recent study by researchers at London’s King’s College yieled some extremely disturbing results: a chemical called aristolochic acid, found in numerous weight loss supplements and remedies sold in the U.S., drastically increases a person’s chances of developing kidney damage and bladder cancer. Pretty scary that Americans may be poisoning themselves with stuff they can buy over the counter.

    “Mental Illness May Not Impede Healthy Weight Loss”
    Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Press Release
    via: HealthDay News

    Many people believe that those who suffer from a mental illness have greater difficulty with things like weight loss. According to a new study, that is simply not true. Even people suffering from severe mental illnesses like schizophrenia, bipolar disorder or depression can make lifestyle changes to lose weight, as long as they are enrolled in a counseling program.


    Author: Caitlin H

    Diet-to-Go Community Manager

    Caitlin is a journalist by trade and an avid runner. She is passionate about maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle and encouraging people to engage in common-sense eating. Caitlin believes in living a well-rounded life, to include balancing time with family, friends, fitness and food.

    Follow Caitlin on Twitter @CaitlinHendee

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