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    Top News

    “Public Enemy No. 1: Nutrition Critics on Anti-Sugar Rush”
    By: Maureen Morrison

    In light of new soda bans in New York and after New York Times Magazine reporter Michael Moss released a book claiming that food companies knowingly added sugar and other additives to food to purposely addict people, the attack on sugar is once again gaining ground. Nutritionists are shining the attention on sugar and the negative impact is has on health, causing yet another large ripple throughout the food industry as the FDA considers mandating reforms.

    “Hospital fare getting a nutrition makeover”
    USA Today
    By: Nanci Hellmich

    Hospitals are supposed to be a place people can go to get medical treatment for health. But how can hospitals have gotten away with serving terrible, non-nutritional food for so long? Hospitals may finally be addressing the problem, with about 550 hospitals participating in a Michelle Obama-inspired program that will bring healthier food to the very places people go to get treatment for their health.

    “Facebook apps can now broadcast your fitness, entertainment habits”
    By: Donna Tam

    Facebook just keeps on getting more innovative. Now, its tackling the fitness and entertainment industries by allowing third-party apps like Runkeeper and GoodReads to post updates to your timeline when you complete a run, read a good book or watch something on TV. Now your friends can keep up with what you are doing while you get to share your accomplishments and interests a lot easier.

    “10 Fitness Tips for People Who Don’t Want to Work Out”
    Huffington Post Blog
    via: Next Avenue

    A lot of people lack the time, energy or motivation to work out. Well, don’t give up, because here’s a list of some of the best ways to change your mindset and get active. Some samples? How about standing on one leg while doing dishes? Or squatting while brushing your teeth? Little movements can make a big difference, so give these a try!

    “Food and beverage companies ranked by nutrition”
    USA Today
    By: Nancy Hellmich

    A new tool has finally arrived that should help bring many of the top food and beverage industries to task in their role in contributing to the obesity epidemic. The new Access to Nutrition Index reviews the world’s 25 biggest manufacturers by looking at their nutrition-related policies. Who was ranked as the worst culprit? Read on...


    “4 Ways to Workout Your Willpower for Weight Loss”
    By: Jennifer Cohen

    When most people think about willpower, they think about some sort of inner strength they have to draw on to overcome a bad habit. In reality, this is only a small part of the picture. Willpower is a part of the brain, yes, but it’s also a muscle. And like other muscles, it must be strengthened in order to reach its full potential. Check out this article for 4 awesome tips that can help you get your “willpower” up to par.

    “Nicole Eggert, Former ‘Baywatch’ Star, Shows Off Stunning Weight Loss”
    Huffington Post

    The blonde Baywatch beauty is proud to reveal her new body after struggling with her weight for several years. She has recently shed quite a bit of weight and is showing it off in the upcoming celebrity diving TV show “Splash.”

    “Why You Shouldn’t Go Gluten-Free”
    Fox News
    By: Rachel Rettner

    It’s all the rage nowadays...people wanting to eliminate gluten from their diet. But is it really necessary - or even safe? Some nutritionists are saying that cutting the protein - found in barley, grains and processed foods - out of one’s diet completely can be dangerous if not done properly.

    “Hard Math: Adding Up Just How Little We Actually Move”
    Wall Street Journal
    By: Sumathi Reddy

    When it comes to exercise, a lot of experts recommend getting in at least 20-30 minutes of moderate-to-vigorous exercise, 3 or more days a week. But how does this really measure up to just how sedentary our lifestyles have become? Outside of work, many people spend hours watching TV and sitting. Therein lies the problem. Moderate exercise may not be enough if you’re not walking 10,000 or more steps a day.

    Blog Posts

    “Have Good Nutrition Your Way”
    By: Mary Sullivan, RD

    Not every diet will work for every single person. Everyone’s different. Everyone needs to do nutrition their own way. For some people, gluten-free may work. For others, a combination of low-carb and healthy fruits & veggies. For others, finding time to cook is just not going to happen. Sullivan uses her blog post to explore the importance of finding nutrition that works well for you.

    “Myths About Weight Loss”
    The Mayo Clinic
    By: Donald Hensrud, M.D.

    Many of us struggle to lose weight and get fit, and if we’ve ever taken the time to stop and ask ourselves why, we might come to some common conclusions. For example, many of us believe our metabolic rate is naturally slower than others, or we have a thyroid condition. In fact, these are common beliefs that are not true. Take a look at this blog to find out why.



    “High salt diet can increase autoimmune deficiencies”
    via Press TV

    A preliminary lab study has revealed that high-salt diets produced more immune cells that ended up attacking the body’s own cells in lab mice. The researchers said they were shocked to see how much salt could affect those who suffer from immune deficiencies.

    “Osteoarthritis can be prevented and reduced by weight loss”
    Journal of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons
    via: Deccan Chronicle

    According to a new study, people who are at-risk for or suffer from osteoarthritis, a bone disease where the joints are worn down, can reduce or treat their condition by maintaining a healthy weight or, in the case of overweight or obese people, reduce their weight.

    “Low-Fat Diet May Sabotage Weight Management”
    PLoS One

    A study revealed that people who eat only low-fat diets may have lower energy levels than those who use other diet plans for weight management, which could mean that they eat more foods and thus sabotage their weight loss efforts. In addition, metabolic rates for those who ate low-fat diets alone to lose weight were lower. The key is to eat low-fat diets that still fulfill other weight loss goals.

    “‘Healthier Hormones’ Through Diet and Exercise”
    Science Daily

    A study conducted in Germany revealed that the reason why diet and exercise can increase life expectancy may be because of positive changes in hormonal production associated with healthy habits. Specifically, they increase production of certain hormones that reduce the risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease and other related risks. Yet another reason to get off the couch and get moving!


    Author: Caitlin H

    Diet-to-Go Community Manager

    Caitlin is a journalist by trade and an avid runner. She is passionate about maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle and encouraging people to engage in common-sense eating. Caitlin believes in living a well-rounded life, to include balancing time with family, friends, fitness and food.

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