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    We scour the web for the choicest material and consolidate it all in one place so you don't have to. Enjoy!

    Top News

    “U.S. spends about $168 billion a year on expenses associated with growing weight problem”

    Obesity rates in America are continuing to grow, which is placing quite the financial strain on the health care system. There are just too many risk factors associated with obesity, including hypertension (high blood pressure), Type II diabetes, heart disease and even depression. That’s why the U.S. economy spent an estimated $168 billion last year on health care to combat these problems. The real concern - obesity is a preventable condition.

    “Why Your Kids May Soon Be Drinking Diet Milk”
    US News

    Ok, so there are fewer and fewer healthy things out there, especially with all the additives and chemicals companies put into foods nowaday. Now it’s starting to get just downright crazy, with the Dairy Foods Administration actually petitioning the FDA to be able to use artificial sweeteners in their milk products. They claim their goal is not to make milk “diet,” but rather make more flavored milks to boost sales.


    “An assault on diet”
    By: Chris Berg

    Australia’s government just put out recommendations for what adults and females should eat daily - and they are extremely far-fetched. This opinion article does an excellent job of breaking down just how unrealistic and unattainable extreme diets can be. While the government suggests things like never using salt, eating only wholemeal and eating a “half a cans of beans” for lunch ( < --- Yes, that’s really what they suggest), the fact is that is unrealistic for most adults. As Berg so eloquently puts it, “Advice is pointless if it’s going to be ignored.” Read on...

    “The Extraordinary Science of Additive Junk Food”
    The New York Times
    By: Michael Moss

    It’s not a conspiracy theory - it’s reality. For years some of the top food manufacturing companies (Kraft, General Mills, Mars, Coca-Cola, etc.) worked to find ways to addict people to their foods (typically using high sugar and high sodium). Dive into the science behind food additives and their contribution to the obesity epidemic in this extremely insightful article.

    “Tia Mowry on Post-Baby Weight Loss: My Role Model is Hilary Duff”
    US Magazine

    We always love to throw in an article about some new celeb who’s lost weight and dishes about how she did it. It’s true - child stars stick together. Tia Mowry, from the famous show “Sister, Sister,” said she is following Hilary Duff’s (Disney child star of “Lizzie McGuire”) model on how to lose the baby weight and fit back into her old clothes.

    “Raspberry Ketone, weight loss novelty”

    It’s been said over and over again - there is no “magic pill” you can take to lose weight. That being said, the newest buzz surrounds raspberry ketone, a compound that promises to help you burn fat faster. The truth is - taking a raspberry ketone pill alone will not fix any obesity-related problems. As usual, it takes real work, a combination of fitness and diet, to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

    Blog Posts

    “25 Tips to Make Your Desk Healthier”
    By: Lizzie Fuhr

    When it comes to desk jobs, most people find it extremely difficult - even impossible - to truly stay active and healthy at work. That’s why these tips are so perfect. They give you real solutions to make your office space healthier and work towards weight loss. Tip lists are always great, especially when they’re stuff you can do while the hours pass at the office.

    “Young Women: Virtue”
    Is This Really My Life?
    By: Emily Hill

    One thing that is nice is when bloggers take the time to share some inspiration with their readers on a deeper level - that’s why this post is so great. It provides printable mantras, quotes and motivational sayings regarding women and how they can uphold and maintain their virtue. Print them out and hang them up on your fridge this week for reminders of how to live virtuously and uphold your honor as a woman.

    “Thursday Treasures”
    Wicked Healthy Washingtonian
    By: Allison Godfrey

    “...Reflection is a valuable tool” -- and too few of us actually take the time to do it. Allison’s touching post takes the time to analyze all her triumphs in February, all the amazing accomplishments - and minor ones too - she’s encountered over the last month. Read her model, and then make a list of your own to remind yourself that every small thing in life can lead you towards meeting your goals.

    “Spin Your Way to Better Fitness”
    Super Sana
    By: Sana Waheed

    One thing that many people fear is getting into a gym. But what if you had to recover from a major spinal injury and THEN somehow muster up the courage to get in shape? Well, take it from Sana, it’s no picnic, but it can be done. Her post here documents just one aspect of her journey to live a healthy lifestyle. In this case, Sana found that giving a spin class a second chance was rewarding and encouraging.



    “Weight-Loss Surgery Won’t Cut Obesity-Related Medical Costs: Study”
    JAMA Surgery

    Researchers from the John Hopkins School of Public Health and School of Medicine determined in a new study that weight-loss surgery is not the answer for America’s growing obesity epidemic. Unfortunately, it does not reduce the cost of the nearly $168 billion a year the U.S. spend on healthcare expenses related to obesity. In fact, the study revealed that it may cost a patient more over a four-year period than someone who does not opt for a weight-loss surgery procedure. Just more evidence that getting healthy the right way, via proper diet and fitness, is the best way to lose weight.

    “Diet rich in nuts, extra virgin olive oil, veggies and wine reduces risk of heart attack, stroke”
    New England Journal of Medicine

    A Spanish-funded study has revealed that people who eat a “Mediterranean” diet rich in nuts, olive oil, vegetables and wine can reduce their risk of dying from a heart attack or stroke by up to 30 percent! That’s a pretty significant decrease. The diet contains lots of healthy fats, which can help combat artery-clogging substances. Plus, nuts and veggies make a great afternoon snack, wine goes awesome with dinner and olive oil is the perfect ingredient to cook with. Seems too easy!

    “Comparisons of traditional vs. mobile app self-monitoring of physical activity & dietary intake among overweight adults”
    Journal of American Medical Informatics Association

    A new study by researchers compared the weight loss progress of those who used a journal to manually record their progress versus those who used a digital app. Turns out, the adults who used a mobile app were more effective in losing weight … which was mainly attributed to the fact that they exercised more frequently and reported their calories more.

    “Contaminated Diet Contributes to Exposure to Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals: Phthalates and BPA”
    Nature Journal of Exposure Science and Environmental Epidemiology

    Many of us are now aware that dangerous chemicals like BPA are contained in plastic bottles (like the ones used to store water), but did you know they can also be found in a lot of foods you consume in your day-to-day diet? They can even be found in diets filled with organic-only fruits and veggies. Pretty concerning stuff.


    Author: Caitlin H

    Diet-to-Go Community Manager

    Caitlin is a journalist by trade and an avid runner. She is passionate about maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle and encouraging people to engage in common-sense eating. Caitlin believes in living a well-rounded life, to include balancing time with family, friends, fitness and food.

    Follow Caitlin on Twitter @CaitlinHendee 

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