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  1. The Top 100 Inspirational Weight Loss Bloggers You’ve Probably Never Heard Of (Until Now)

    Authentically Emmie. The Anti-Jared. No Thanks to Cake. 300 Pounds and Running. The Double Chin Diary. Coffee Cake and Cardio. Those are just some examples of bloggers who have for years been the go-to’s for weight loss and healthy living inspiration. 

    And rightfully so. They’re the leaders in the field, people who have put themselves and their personal journeys out there for the world to see, day-in and day-out. Along the way, they have picked up hundreds of thousands of readers who go to them for motivation, for resources and even just to connect with someone who understands the struggle.

    But what about those lesser-known bloggers? The ones who aren’t on the front page of Google search results for “weight loss” or “healthy living” bloggers, but who also spend countless hours writing out their innermost feelings, sharing secrets to success and putting it all out there in hopes of achieving wellness?

    They deserve love too. That’s why we put together a list of the top 100 inspirational bloggers you probably have never heard of.

    Some of them are brand new to the world of blogging. Others have been blogging for a few years, but recently shifted their focus to healthy living or weight loss. And others are just ready to share amazing things with you to help you along in your journey. 

    Whatever your reason for needing to find a blogger who can inspire you — be it for weight loss, fitness, positive body image, healthy recipes, you name it — you’ll find that someone right here.


    1. Project Unfluff
    Author: Mariana
    Type: Weight Loss & Positive Body Image

    About: If the title alone doesn’t draw you in, we don’t know what will. Start with Mariana’s “About the Fluff” section, and by then you’re for sure hooked. Mariana is a Puerto Rican on a journey to get rid of everything that weighs her down, whether that’s extra pounds, distractions from living a healthy life, unhealthy relationships, stress, you name it. Her blog is a day-by-day, step-by-step process that blends humor with reality in a way you’re darn sure going to understand if you’ve ever struggled with weight.
    Top Post: The Mind Shift
    Top Quote: “Project Unfluff is about paying my body back for all the years of abuse and neglect I have put her through. It’s about getting my body to a point where she feels healthy, strong and clean.”

    2. Racing to Zen
    Author: Jess Humphrey
    Type: Healthy Living & Wellness

    About: Jess doesn’t blog as often as she used to, but every once in awhile she’ll pop in to share her latest life experiences, and, when she does, it’s sure to touch you deeply. Jess started blogging in 2013 to document her training for her first marathon, but quickly found that running ran in her veins. She uses it as a way to cope with life’s hardships and adventures — and takes her readers along a relatable journey as she does.
    Top Post: Accepting Good Enough
    Top Quote: “If I surrender, give up the fight to do it all alone, then I’ll probably remain on the outskirts of that tribe of origin permanently. Is that a tough thing to write? You bet. But here’s the gorgeous thing about life – you can make your own tribe. You can form your own crew, you can find other lovable, crazy-about-life people that will be there to support you and lift you up.”

    3. Running off the Reese’s
    Author: Cely
    Type: Humor & Fitness

    About: Blogs full of heart-felt writing and deep emotions are great, but it never hurts to toss in one with a laugh-out-loud humor to it as well. Enter Running off the Reese's blogger Cely. If her blog mantra “Because no one should have to choose between their pants and chocolate” doesn’t pull you in, her creative use of gifs and humorous style of writing will. Cely was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis at the age of 18 — a diagnosis she certainly didn’t let hold her back. She runs races (usually half-marathons or less), shares her experiences, has a long list of book reviews...and talks a bit about life in general in between. And it’s awesome.
    Top Post: 10 Things Friday (a fun weekly roundup of the 10 things Cely’s into — things you might want to be into too)
    Top Quote: “I like running...when it’s not too hot, too windy, too still, too cold, too rainy, too early, or too late. I mostly enjoy races with my friends and I particularly enjoy races with my friends that serve alcohol at the finish.”

    4. Happy or Hungry
    Author: Lindsey Evanoff
    Type: Healthy Living

    About: Lindsey’s real. That’s it. Her blog, her writing style, her topics...they’re from a real person who shares her real experiences in a way that’s anything but dull. Lindsey’s posts are always chock full of photos to tell the story better, and range from fitness, to eating, to life lessons and more. Lindsey started her blog as a way to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle while remaining full and happy, but it has over the years morphed into a funny mashup of recipes, reviews, travel, pets and healthy living. (Be sure to check out her “best of” section — which includes titles of posts like “The Time I Almost Got Arrested.” You can figure it out from there).
    Top Post: The Little Run that Could
    Top Quote: “I am very lucky to have had an adventurous and fun life. I had an extremely colourful childhood, and over the years I have gotten myself into some interesting situations.”

    5. The Boring Runner
    Author: Adam
    Type: Fitness & Healthy Living

    About: The first thing you’ll notice when you check out Adam’s blog is that he’s funny — like really, really funny (hence the name of his blog). A self-proclaimed “boring guy” and “dork,” Adam’s blog started as a way to share his thoughts on being a traveling management consultant to a place for sharing running, humor, life and more — probably one of the most interesting changes we’ve run across. Adam’s been battling some knee problems off-and-on, but still makes it a priority to live healthy, exercise (like hiking) and share it all in his traditional good-humored, naturally-engaging way.
    Top Post: Lost in the Superstition Mountains...Literally
    Top Quote: “Remember, the funny thing about life is that if you worry too much about the destination, you will miss the journey. We all end up in the same place….Unless you are cremated, then you end up on the mantle in a Folgers coffee can.”

    6. Another Mother Runner
    Authors: Denise, Sarah, Jonna, Dimity
    Type: Fitness & Weight Loss

    About: Their blog may be described as just “another” runner, but it’s anything but. The blog is chock full of tips, advice, nutrition information — and lots of personalized posts — from “mothers” who banded together to run, and realized just how much they loved it. The blog also works as a personal cheerleader, a way to connect with moms and women who started running (grumbling), tolerated it, started to like it (there are moments) and ultimately fell in love (addiction level).
    Top Post: 5 Inspiring Pieces of Running Advice to Keep You Moving
    Top Quote: “Rooting you on at every mile — and milestone.”

    7. Fatso: A Weight Loss Blog
    Author: Jackie
    Type: Weight Loss

    About: Jackie, a 26-year-old English professor, is not exactly new to blogging. She’s been doing it since 2013. But recently, she moved her posts from Tumblr to their own website — and with an 80-pound weight loss, why not? Jackie’s the kind of writer who draws you in not just with her words, but with her use of photos and links, too. She’s snarky and quick-witted, and her posts are a blast to read. Factor in the continuing journey to shed pounds and reach her goal weight of 132, and the blog is really something special.
    Top Post: Transformation Tuesday: Last Five Years
    Top Quote: “I am snarky. I am cynical. I am a twin. I am overweight. I am beautiful. I am a nice girl. I am quirky. I am left handed. I am romantic. I am daring. I am a smart. I am interdependent. I am cultured. I am book smart. I am film smart. I am pop culture smart. I am not good at math. I am an English major. I am sexy. I am a clean freak. I am a perfectionist. I am just me.”

    8. JadeIsabelle
    Author: Jade
    Type: Weight Loss, Healthy Living, Beauty/Fashion

    About: Jade’s 6+ years of experience blogging means, at first glance, we would have passed right over her for this list. But it’s her recent debut into weight loss and healthy living blogging that caught our eye. Jade lives in Singapore, and just looking at Jade’s photos, it’s hard to imagine her as ever being overweight. But in 2012, she was unhappy with the way she looked, a feeling she’d had her whole life. Then the thought occurred to her that she had the power to change it. A total lifestyle overhaul and 44 pounds later, and Jade’s story is a success we can all admire.
    Top Post: My Weight Loss Story
    Top Quote: “Don’t ever give up. When you think of giving up, also think of why you started in the first place. Whether you think you can or you can’t, you are right. So believe in yourself and just keep going!”

    9. Life of Rhi
    Author: Rhiannon
    Type: Weight Loss, Healthy Living, Travel

    About: Rhiannon is a native of North Wales. She’s an avid YouTube vlogger and stocks her blog with posts that run the mill, from fashion and travel to her love of photography and very real effort to stay fit. Rhi’s strength is taking you step-by-step with her as she continues to challenge herself in new ways to keep the weight off.
    Top Post: Weight Loss: 7 Ways to Lose Weight Faster
    Top Quote: “My weight loss journey has been a very tough one I can assure you, but totally worth it! Hope I can motivate you enough to carry on with your journey.”

    10. 26 to 12 — Another Weight Loss Blog
    Author: Helen
    Type: Weight Loss

    About: Contrary to the title, Helen’s blog is anything but “another weight loss blog.” Helen’s been on a journey to lose weight since June 2013. She’s had many ups and downs along the way — which is one of the best things you’ll notice about her posts: that she never gives up and she is extremely positive no matter how difficult things get. If you’re looking to find real encouragement from someone who knows, look no further.
    Top Post: Dance Like Nobody’s Watching
    Top Quote: I hope that you will join me on some of my journey, and maybe, just maybe I might help someone else who is losing weight into the bargain.

    11. The Covenant Diet: My Journey from Gluttonous to Glorious
    Author: January
    Type: Weight Loss

    About: Two years ago, January hit rock bottom. She came to the realization that she was a food addict. A few days (and a whole lot of cookie dough) later, January joined Overeaters Anonymous and turned to God to overcome her gluttony and addiction, blogging about it to hold herself accountable. Today, January’s a champion for God and using faith to shed unwanted pounds.
    Top Post: Day 643: Lost Cause
    Top Quote: “I have had all kinds of triumphs, failures, successes and bumps along the road. I am blessed. And highly favored. and free.”

    12. My Plus Size Confessions
    Author: Misty
    Type: Weight Loss & Positive Body Image

    About: Misty’s more than just a “fat girl,” as she puts it. So much more. Misty started blogging about her weight loss about four years ago after she experienced a pulmonary edema and several pulmonary embolisms following the birth of her fourth daughter — all caused by excessive fluids in her body and all nearly killing her. She also found out she has a blood disorder called Factor V Leiden, something she was born with. Since starting her original blog “I Am Not Just a Fat Girl,” Misty’s weight loss journey has had ups and downs, but ultimately she accepted her body and now blogs to inspire others who are looking to lose weight, too.
    Top Post: “Why Looks Can Be Deceiving
    Top Quote: “I will probably struggle the rest of my life with my weight. But I do feel I have a purpose, and I feel my writing has a purpose and that purpose is my story.”

    13. Buddhistt Vegann
    Author: Alicia
    Type: Weight Loss, Healthy Lifestyle

    About: Alicia is no stranger to blogging. She’s had a few in the last decade, including “Girls Just Wanna Be Healthy,” where she shared her struggles and triumphs as she sought to drop from 190 to 159. But she just recently launched her new blog, where Alicia has morphed from someone who spent her entire life being embarrassed and ashamed of her body into a confident young woman ready to share herself — and maybe help a few others along the way.
    Top Post: Dear Body
    Top Quote: “I am trying, body. I am trying to love you. I am trying to love you and myself. However, it’s been so hard. But I’m working on it. Thank you for not giving up on me, despite all of the times I have given up on you.”

    14. The Running in Pink Project
    Author: Sara (Renee)
    Type: Weight Loss, Healthy Lifestyle

    About: Sara, a new mom, is all about living a happy, healthy and fun life. She’s struggled with her weight for years, and, as she puts it, can’t wait for the day when weight no longer gets in her way. Sara’s biggest appeal is that she’s all about using good ole fashioned weight loss techniques — eating healthy and exercising. And that philosophy permeates through her blog, inspiring readers and engaging fans along the way.
    Top Post: The Week That Snow Wasted
    Top Quote: “One of my major priorities is to continue to enjoy my life while on this weight loss journey- I never want to take myself too seriously and that is why when I run, I run in pink. It makes me smile- it’s as simple as that!”

    15. Xtine Danielle
    Author: Christine
    Type: Weight Loss & Lifestyle

    About: Christine’s blog is something really special — and not just because she put herself out there while she works to lose weight, but because she’s overcome a lot to get where she is today. A brain stem surgery survivor, Christine’s blog started in 2012 as a way to stay motivated on her path to an emotional recovery. Recently, it’s morphed into a weight loss blog where Christine is focused on losing weight all naturally and making it a lifestyle change. As she puts it, “I am changing my life for the better, forever – not just my body.”
    Top Post: Social Media Saved My Life
    Top Quote: “If we’re all to let the world get to us for every little thing that goes wrong or isn’t fair, we’d all be miserable. In misery is no way to live.

    16. Meg’s Fitness
    Author: Megan
    Type: Weight Loss & Lifestyle

    About: Meg’s blog is a primary example of the two sides of online blogging: the challenges of knowing what to share (and how much of it to share), mixed with the benefits (the inspiration and encouragement bloggers get from their readers). Meg used to blog in private, but eventually morphed into a public blogger, where she shares not just her progress losing weight, but also recipes she’s tried, fitness that worked (and didn’t work) for her, stories, rants and so much more. Plus, her cat is really cute.
    Top Post: Hanging Stuff on the Wall
    Top Quote: “Over all, we’re just living life, loving it, and I’m writing about bits and pieces of it. It’s the community feel that brings me back to blogging every time.

    17. Lipstick, Lattes & Louboutins
    Author: Jackie
    Type: Weight Loss, Fitness, Parenting, Lifestyle

    About: Jackie’s a makeup artist by trade, but has been struggling with her weight since she was 17. As she puts it, she’s tried almost every diet out there, but nothing seems to work for good. But when she started her blog in June 2015, she decided to start, and stick with, losing weight for good. Readers have been with her every step of the way as she shares recipes and meals, beauty tips and honest, down-pat product reviews.
    Top Post: Weight Loss Journey Begins Now
    Top Quote: “I started blogging because it was something that occupied some time, but I quickly grew to realize how much I enjoy writing the posts, and sharing my thoughts and opinions.

    18. I’m Done Being the Fat Girl
    Author: Courtney
    Type: Weight Loss

    About: Courtney’s been overweight since second grade, and it’s taught her many valuable lessons (lessons she shares on her blog with nearly every update). Between 2010 and 2011, Courtney dropped an impressive 75 pounds, but then gained much of it back after giving birth to her son. Courtney’s been up and down in her weight loss journey, but with the start of her blog, she’s going to keep it off for good this time as she learns to be happy, healthy and finds financial freedom — taking us all along with her.
    Top Post: My New Start
    Top Quote: “I’ve started and stopped a million times it seems….I’m ready to make this happen now.

    19. Trading Cardio for Cosmos
    Author: Alexis
    Type: Weight Loss

    About: The thing that’s most appealing about Alexis’ blog is its tagline: “One girl’s adventure in moderation.” It’s a testament to Alexis’s general approach to life — she knows she won’t succeed unless she balances weight loss and being healthy with living life to its fullest. Alexis’ writing style is quirky and fun. It touches serious subjects, but with a light style that will have you feeling inspired and amused by the end of each post.
    Top Post: Yes, I Am Fat. And Yes, I Do Know How I Got This Way
    Top Quote: “For millions of Americans, food has become a reward system, a crutch, a comfort, and oftentimes people who ABSOLUTELY know better use food to make themselves feel better about their jobs, their relationships, their decisions.

    20. FatFitLife
    Author: Brian
    Type: Weight Loss, Healthy Cooking

    About: Brian’s struggles with weight are some we can all relate to — the need to get healthy, fit, you name it. But what makes his blog particularly interesting is that his studio apartment doesn’t have a kitchen. That forces Brian to get creative, and all he has to work with is a mini-refrigerator and a Big Boss Rapid Oven. His blog is a way to stay accountable and share recipes that are about as creative as you can get.
    Top Post: What game does your life mimic?
    Top Quote: “When you’re trying to eat healthy, eating out is not really an option especially when trying to limit sodium. … I decided to get the most out of space available and didn’t want to limit myself in cooking my healthy meals.

    21. Losing My Fat Lovingly
    Author: Evette
    Type: Weight Loss

    About: Evette’s blog is all about getting personal. She’s deeply expressive in her writing and truly moves readers with her words while she maintains accountability on her weight loss journey. Evette started the blog as a way to share her path of discovery and redefining moments while she works to raise her young daughter into a beautiful, kind woman. And she takes readers along with her as she continues to blog about her goals, attainments, fears and much, much more — all in a personal and engaging manner.
    Top Post: Am I fat or PHAT (Practical, Honest, and Talented?)
    Top Quote: “Get through life without lying, stealing, or cheating, and I will win and come out on the better end of things!

    22. My New Normal
    Author: Ruzele
    Type: Weight Loss

    About: Ruzele’s had weight issues her whole life, but it wasn’t until after her mother passed away in 2011 that the pounds really started to pile on. She ballooned up to 335 pounds and had a rock-bottom moment that led her to where she is today: 50 pounds lighter and on a mission to lose 130 more. Ruzele’s blog posts are short and sweet, but always delightful and full of musings, emotions, progress reports and the occasional vlog (which work oh-so-perfectly). Ruzele’s one to follow if you’re looking for someone who’s accountable and gets to the point, but still leaves you rooting her on day-in and day-out.
    Top Post: Backpacks, Lobs, and Ducks
    Top Quote: “One thing I have come to realize is no one can make you feel a certain way. Sure people can say or do things, and I am not saying it is easy at all. But you can choose to let things affect you or not.

    23. Frantic at Forty
    Author: Unknown
    Type: Weight Loss

    About: Normally, we’d skip right on over a blog that doesn’t identify the author’s name, but the woman authoring “Frantic at Forty” gave us pause. Why? Because her story is one that so many can relate to — a woman about to enter midlife trying to make sense of things and lose weight. The author started the blog just before she turned 40 as a way to stay accountable while she started out to give herself the only gift she wanted — thin. She’s lost plenty of weight, and, even more importantly, found some happiness in the process. We just hope that turning 40 doesn’t mean an end to her blogging.
    Top Post: Emotional Eating
    Top Quote: “You’re either over the hill at 40 or it’s when life begins. I intend to be fully prepared for my 40th to ensure that it doesn’t all go downhill.

    24. Mama Ames Gets Healthy
    Author: Amy
    Type: Weight Loss

    About: Amy started her weight loss journey after she ran the Disney Princess Half Marathon at her heaviest weight ever — and realized it was time to make a change. Fast forward a couple years, she's lost 65 pounds, motivated especially by her father, who she calls her “biggest cheerleader.” Then her father passed away, and things went downhill a bit. Amy gained 40 pounds back and in 2014 started a weight loss blog to embark on the ultimate quest: signing up for races (her most recent was the Star Wars Half Marathon) and letting readers know that she feels their pain — and, most importantly, that they can get through it and make the changes and run races, just like she is.
    Top Post: Build a Bridge
    Top Quote: “This blog is my way of working my way back to the person I was before I lost my greatest cheerleader. Being my own hero, so to speak.”

    25. Emily Loses It: The Remix
    Author: Emily
    Type: Weight Loss

    About: If there’s anyone who feels the pain of bouncing up and down with weight loss, it’s Emily. In 2011, she started working to shed the pounds, and got down to 151 by 2012. Then she went back up 181. 2013 rolls around, and enter: her blog. Emily set out to lose the weight for good. She’s already down to 148, and although she only blogs about two times a month, her quirky style definitely makes them worth reading.
    Top Post: Learn to Love Fear
    Top Quote: “My weight loss has shaped who I am, and this really is who I was meant to be. It is a daily journey of self discovery, acceptance and love.

    26. Loretta’s Journey
    Author: Loretta
    Type: Weight Loss

    About: Loretta’s certainly no stranger to blogging — she been sharing her weight loss journey since 2009. But the thing that caught our eye most about Loretta’s blog is that unlike most long-time healthy living/weight loss bloggers, her website’s not chock full of product reviews and recommendations, links to goods, etc. It’s very authentic, as is Loretta. Loretta started at 460 pounds. Now, she hovers around 199. And she does it “one good choice at a time.” Her style of writing is engaging and real — the kind of blog that you read and finish thinking, I really know this woman in a deep way. Bravo.
    Top Post: So What’s So Wrong with Hard?
    Top Quote: “A friend of mine once said: Figure out what your biggest excuse is and make a plan to get rid of it. If you don't think you have any excuses, just ask yourself why you aren't at goal yet...and catch your first whine...that's it, the biggest excuse, the thing that is getting in your way.

    27. We Make 7
    Author: Bonnie
    Type: Weight Loss, Lifestyle, Recipes/Crafts

    About: Bonnie’s been sharing her life — and family of 7 — with readers for years. But the reason she found her way onto our list is because of what she started Jan. 2 — a full-on commitment to cut out the junk food, soda and other unhealthy habits and lose weight. More than three months later, and she’s more than succeeded. Her daily struggle is the kind of thing anyone who’s stopped and started and stopped and then started again can attest to. But what really makes it special is that this time, she not stopping.
    Top Post: Here’s to a Better Year…
    Top Quote: “We can’t always choose what the entire year’s outcome will bring us, but we can hope that some things we want to happen for change happens.

    28. Shrinking Guy Fitness
    Author: Tim
    Type: Fitness & Weight Loss

    About: The lessons people learn when they start losing weight are important and meaningful. But it can be tough to articulate them in a way that helps other people with their own weight loss goals. That’s far from the case when it comes to Tim. About 2 years ago, Tim tipped the scales at 295 pounds. Today, he weighs in at about 220 —75 pounds lighter and a whole lot more fit. And that’s what he’s dedicated his blog to, sharing fitness tips and lessons he learned to help others achieve their goals too.
    Top Post: Living Low Carb the Healthy Way
    Top Quote: “This blog started as my attempt to pay it forward by giving a number of tips that helped me through the weight loss. … Over time I've made it my passion to understand all aspects of fitness - weight loss, exercise, eating and anything else pertaining to living a happy and healthy life. Those are the subjects I also include in my blog.

    29. Weight Loss with Annamarie
    Author: Annamarie
    Type: Weight Loss & Healthy Lifestyle

    About: Annamarie’s weight loss story is nothing to sneeze at. She lost a staggering 180 pounds, and she did it all naturally, by eating right and exercising. These days, Annamarie’s in two modes: maintain her healthy weight and lifestyle...and share her personal tips and victories along the way. She’s the kind of blog you’ll want to follow if you want to tap into the day-by-day challenges (and empowerment) of a young woman who made it happen...and wants you to as well.
    Top Post: Clean Eating with Annamarie
    Top Quote: “I believe that weight loss, especially major weight loss is a long term goal and journey as you battle easy losses, simple gains and work to stay the same. It ends up being a lifetime commitment.

    30. Bailey DeBarmore
    Author: Bailey
    Type: Nutrition & Healthy Lifestyle

    About: Bailey is a grad student studying to get her degree to become a registered dietitian. As she goes, she’s working to establish herself as a go-to source for people online to learn how to create SMART goals, learn about food traps, get fitness tips and more – and it’s totally working. Bailey intermixes her professional posts with a bit of her own musings, making for a very personalized experience that combines getting to know the author with getting to know yourself, and how to achieve your goals.
    Top Post: Keep the Momentum Going
    Top Quote: “Life is full of unexpected opportunities that take us places we never thought we'd go. Being open to these opportunities is something that has brought me to where I am today, and saying yes to an opportunity you bring me tomorrow will help me down the next path in my career journey.

    31. Skinny Shae
    Author: Shae
    Type: Fitness & Healthy Recipes

    About: Shae is a Wichita native, and, as she puts it, she is “not skinny.” But she’s blogging about fitness and healthy eating anyway, with a few (ok, a lot) of complaints. Her blog features an impressive combination of her quirky, laugh-out-loud style and visually stimulating photos that tell the story or show the recipes as well as the writing itself does. Once you start reading, strap in. Because you’re not going to want to stop.
    Top Post: 500 Miles, 41,071 steps, 2 days
    Top Quote: “Dieting is no fun. Exercise is hard. How do you even pluck your eyebrows?

    32. Raising the Shakes
    Author: Amanda
    Type: Positive Body Image, Health & Fitness, Motherhood

    About: No, Amanda’s blog title is not referring to those delicious chocolate treats— or dancing— or a dog after he gets in from the rain. “Shakes” is Amanda’s long-time nickname and, it just so happens, it also turned into the perfect way to describe her blog. Amanda is an outspoken advocate of having a positive body image and maintaining a common sense healthy lifestyle. She also posts her very real struggle with depression and overcoming her own demons when it comes to sense-of-self. It’s that authenticity that makes for a compelling read that will leave you wanting to check back in every single day. Plus, her top post features a visually stunning photo array of what a typical weekday looks for her.
    Top Post: What a Day in My Life Looks Like
    Top Quote: “I truly believe in all of my life’s experiences. I can connect with other moms out there too!

    33. Happy and Shrinking
    Author: Christie
    Type: Weight Loss & Mental Health

    About: Christie literally just got going (her first post was in March). But she didn’t waste any time putting it all out there. Her goal is to lose more than 100 pounds and beat a lifelong struggle with depression and anxiety. Her openness caught our attention immediately, and we can’t wait to follow along with her as she takes each and every step.
    Top Post: Bad Habits, Eating Right, and Withdrawals
    Top Quote: “I want to lose 100 pounds, not because I feel pressure from society or the need to be something, but because I want to.

    34. Coach Mindy Weight Loss
    Author: Mindy
    Type: Weight Loss & Healthy Eating

    About: Mindy doesn’t just blog about weight loss, it’s actually her job to help people lose weight. She’s a busy, Washington, D.C.-based one-on-one weight loss coach, and (luckily for us), spends some of her spare time blogging about it too. Her blog is great in that it clearly comes from an experienced professional, but it’s also fun to read and features Mindy’s quirky personal touch, just what the doctor ordered for people as they work to drop those extra pounds.
    Top Post: My Best Weight Loss Tip That I Wish I Knew 20 Years Ago
    Top Quote: “I love helping people lose weight and maintain their weight loss. I also love to share healthy, easy, tasty, and filling recipes. I believe in eating happily, healthfully, and heartily.”

    35. Half of Gabby: How to Lose Weight & Get Fit
    Author: Gabby
    Type: Weight Loss & Healthy Living

    About: Inspiring. That’s the first word that comes to mind when describing Gabby’s blog. Gabby used to tip the scales at 262 pounds and started a blog to chronicle her journey. Today, she weighs in at 140 other words, half of her old self. But just because she dropped the pounds doesn’t mean she stopped being there for her readers. Thousands of articles and a whole lot of experience later, Gabby continues to share her weight loss wisdom and tons of healthy recipes with fans in an easy-to-follow — and often hilarious — way.
    Top Post: Real Weight Loss Tips & Advice: From Someone Who Actually Lost the Weight
    Top Quote: “It's time to start living your life according to YOUR inner voice and following YOUR dreams. You only get one life... live it your way.

    36. Andie Mitchell
    Author: Andie
    Type: Weight Loss & Healthy Living

    About: Andie’s well-known for her New York Times bestselling memoir “It Was Me All Along” where she chronicles how she lost 135 pounds 10 years ago. But it’s her blog that drew us to her for this list, especially considering that she’s managed all this time to KEEP that weight off. Andie also wrote a cookbook, “Eating in the Middle,” featuring (mostly) healthy recipes. Plus, Andie’s blog is chock full of healthy recipes too (and the occasional indulgence), lessons she learned while losing weight and how she transformed her relationship with food and her body.
    Top Post: Buffalo Chicken Rolls (they must be pretty good, considering this is the blog’s top post)
    Top Quote: "I’m sharing every lesson to getting there—not as a drill sergeant and definitely not as a guru—as a friend who gets it and never wants anyone else to struggle alone. I’ve learned more in the last ten years than I ever thought possible, and I’m laying it bare here, one post a time—every lesson I’ve learned on losing weight,real advice on maintenance, thoughts on depression, how I’ve moved beyond binge eating, lifestyle bits that make me feel good inside and out, and all the healthy recipes I make regularly.

    37. The Weight of My Weight
    Author: Julie
    Type: Weight Loss & Healthy Living

    About: Yes, it’s true Julie is not exactly a “new” blogger (she’s been doing it since 2011). But when you look at her blog, it’s easy to see why we added her here — she’s got the same caliber as the big guns, and deserves even more recognition than she’s already had. Julie decided some time back that she was going to make better decisions when it came to her health, but progress with weight loss, as she puts it, has been “S-L-O-W.” Determined and just happier with the way she feels, Julie carried on until she reached her goal weight. Today, she hovers between 150 and 170 pounds, blogging about what she eats, what inspires her and how she hopes to inspire others, too.
    Top Post: Mom’s V-8 Hamburger Soup
    Top Quote: “Life is such an incredible journey. I want to enjoy it in the healthiest way possible!

    38. The Happy Gal
    Author: Jenny
    Type: Healthy Living & Positive Body Image

    About: Jenny always knew that she wanted to be a motivational speaker one day — she just wasn’t sure about what. Then one day it hit her, people are the most inspired by people who understand what they’re going through. For Jenny, that had always been her compulsive overeating, body image and food addictions. Four years ago, she decided to change. She transformed her way of thinking and her blog was born, complete with recipes, tips and posts that are truly inspirational from a woman that gets what you’re going through.
    Top Post: Healthy Eating the Happy Gal Way
    Top Quote: “In my heart of hearts, what I really want you to know is that when you are in those dark places in life, you’re not alone. I’ve been there, and I’ve seen the light. This blog is the first step in sharing that light with you.

    39. Skinny Mom
    Author: Brooke
    Type: Weight Loss, Fitness, Healthy Eating

    About: Yes, this is another one with plenty of followers, but it really is the best for one group: mom. Let’s say you are a mom. We’ll bet finding time to exercise and eat healthy seems damn near impossible, yes? Then Brooke’s blog is for you. It’s armed to the tee with quick fitness routines, easy-to-make recipes, heck, even stuff you can do with your baby. And if that’s not enough, you can also use it as a go-to resource to get the skinny on things like baby names, connecting with your loved ones and activities to do with the kiddos.
    Top Post: Recipe: Slow-Cooker Chicken Pot Pie
    Top Quote: “I set out to not only inspire myself, but to inspire others like me. What started out as a small blog with a handful of followers (thanks, friends!) has now become a healthy living brand for millions of women around the world.

    40. The Holy Mess
    Author: Sara
    Type: Weight Loss, Family, Faith

    About: Sara’s blog is a healthy blend of family and her faith in God, combined with valuable insight on how to find health and happiness and reduce stress. And trust us, she’s someone that knows. About a decade ago, Sara was 100 pounds overweight and miserable. She started journaling and found an affinity for running and competing (even though she’s not particularly athletic). Today, Sara shares her passion for helping other women find balance and tips on losing weight the same way she did.
    Top Post: The Top 5 Absolute Best Fitness and Weight Loss Planners
    Top Quote: “Sometimes life is hard. Sometimes life is awesome. For years my life was incredibly out of balance and I said 'yes' to too much and 'no' to myself way too often. Your life has its own type of mess. It might look different from mine, but we all have our hodge podge.

    41. Katie’s Fight for Fitness
    Author: Katie 

    Type: Weight Loss & Healthy Living

    About: Let’s start with Katie by rewinding three years to January 2013 when she hopped on the scale and realized she weighed 247 pounds. That was the moment that “something just clicked” for Katie. Fast forward back to the present, Katie lost 100 pounds, dropped six pants sizes and along the way found a fierce determination to pursue (and stick with) her fitness goals. Katie found her purpose, and she uses her blog to fulfill that purpose: helping others who struggle with obesity, weight loss and food addiction.
    Top Post: Sometimes the Hardest Person to be Honest with is Yourself
    Top Quote: “But the one thing I've learned about my journey is that it has a purpose. I hope I can help others and be of guidance to those struggling with obesity, disordered eating, and other issues I've been through myself.

    42. Feel Great in 8
    Author: Tiffany
    Type: Weight Loss, Healthy Living, Fitness

    About: Tiffany’s blogging officially started in 2009, but it was kind of an off-and-on thing until 2013. Then, Tiffany really amped up her blogging efforts, much to the thrill of her followers. Tiffany’s blog is packed with healthy recipes, weight loss challenges and tips on how to find happiness — all from a girl who is extraordinarily relatable and “loves cheesy dance workout videos, dark chocolate, watching movies, with her husband, and riding my beach cruiser around the neighborhood like a kid.” Enough said.
    Top Post: Feel Great in 8
    Top Quote: “I can’t promise you that I’ll be perfect. But I can promise that I will be here to support you and cheer you on. I can promise that I will be understanding and sympathetic when you struggle.

    43. Healthy Living. Kinda.
    Author: Bertha
    Type: Healthy Recipes

    About: The mantra “everything in moderation is pretty much exactly what Bertha is all about. Her blog provides creative ways to tweak your favorite recipes to make them healthier and with lower calories. What does that mean? You can still chow down on the things you love, but do it in a better way that gets you closer to reaching weight loss goals.
    Top Post: Snacks and Treats
    Top Quote: “My focus is to share creative and delicious ways to incorporate fresh, nutritionally dense whole foods into your everyday snacks and meals. The rest is pleasure.

    44.Healthy Living Happy
    Author: Ayah
    Type: Healthy Living & Healthy Recipes

    About: When you read Ayah’s blog, it’s almost like you can hear her accent. And that’s what drew us to her blog — the idea that no matter how different cultures might be, we all struggle with the same things. As Ayah puts it, she’s a person just like anyone else, a person who’s fought to lose weight, gone up and down multiple times and these days just tries to maintain her fitness while sharing her journey (and tons of great recipes) along the way.
    Top Post: Banana Bread Mugcake as easy as 123
    Top Quote: “Our bodies are our own castle, so we treat them right.

    45. Third Shift Fit
    Author: Rachael
    Type: Fitness

    About: Rachael’s got a unique combination of expertise. She’s an avid fitness lover, a health fanatic and a registered nurse. She also has to combat strange work hours to keep up her active lifestyle and exercise regimen, which is exactly why we picked her. When you’re among those who are trying to lose weight but have a hectic schedule, Rachael’s the blogger to turn to for advice. She knows how to fight obstacles like sleep deprivation, food cravings, boredom hunger and (of course) being “too busy” to get healthy.
    Top Post: So You Want to Meal Prep
    Top Quote: “I cannot promise the cure all, but I hope to share with you healthy meal prep recipes, workouts, and advice that can help anyone with or without crazy schedules stay on the right track towards a healthier lifestyle.

    46. Fat Girl to Fit Girl
    Author: Hannah
    Type: Weight Loss & Fitness

    About: Hannah resides in London and she’s positively adorable, clever and fun to follow as she blogs her way to resisting temptation and staying fit and healthy. Hannah’s also been there, done that. Two years ago she lost 50 pounds through a complete lifestyle overhaul. Now, she’s in maintenance mode, but one of the things that’s unique about Hannah is that she still loves to eat out and socialize, and she knows how to do it in a way that doesn’t result in weight gain. And yes, she shares that in her posts.
    Top Post: Health on a Budget
    Top Quote: “Follow my blog for easy recipes, health tips and exercise motivation. And watch me spectacularly fall off the wagon from time to time, thoroughly enjoying every minute of it!

    47. Fat Girl’s Fitness
    Authors: Rachel, Valeri & Dori
    Type: Weight Loss & Fitness
    About: Rachel, Valeri and Dori are three lifelong, childhood friends who share a very strong common bond: They all were fat, and they’re all now fit. But they’re also very unique — each has her own approach to weight loss and fitness, approaches that come together for one heck of a diverse blog. No matter what your level of fitness is or how much weight you need to lose, you’ll find a style from one of these ladies that resonates. Inspirational, logical and practical, Rachel, Valeri and Dori truly put together a masterpiece.
    Top Post: What’s More Important — Diet or Exercise?
    Top Quote: “Fat Girls Fitness is brought to you by three childhood lady friends who each went from FAT to FIT over the past couple of years. We each take slightly different approaches to fitness, and we found ourselves talking about it so much that we finally decided to start a blog.

    48. Hello Spoonful
    Author: Elizabeth
    Type: Healthy Living & Healthy Recipes

    About: Elizabeth’s list of credentials for writing the kind of blog that helps you stay healthy is a long one — she graduated with dual degrees in food & nutrition and mass communication & journalism, and has now dedicated herself to developing healthy recipes and tips for achieving a wholesome, balanced lifestyle. She also shares her own musings — and her stunning photography — to add a personal touch that connects with readers in a meaningful way.
    Top Post: All My Best Healthy Lifestyle Tips + Tricks
    Top Quote: “The purpose of my blog is to connect with other wo(men) / readers from all over and set a good example for achieving a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

    49. Not Your Normal Health Blog
    Author: Helen
    Type: Humor, Weight Loss, Healthy Living

    About: If we had to sum up Helen’s blog in two words, they would be “creative” and “hilarious.” Because that’s exactly what the blog is...a blend of Helen’s witty writing combined with her pursuit of all things new in the dieting, fitness and weight loss realm — be they inspirational or out in left-field … and everything in between. Helen, a once “healthy living” blogger who gave it up years ago and then recently returned to the world with a new theme — is obsessed with what’s “new,” and she’s the queen of trying it out and letting her readers know if it worked well, or if it didn’t work at all. And that whole “new” theme doesn’t just mean trends...she also loves helping people who are new to weight loss and healthy living succeed.
    Top Post: The 10 Min Xmas Friendly Workout
    Top Quote: “The way I see it, being healthy can fit very nicely into a normal life – it doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Healthy can also be fun and enjoyable.

    50. Fit to Serve
    Authors: Hilda and Randy
    Type: Weight Loss & Wellness

    About: If ever there were a husband-wife duo who had the chops to back up what they’re selling, it’s Hilda and Randy. And the good news? They’re not really “selling” you anything. They’re two people who care about their faith and want to use their own experiences getting healthy using a low-carb diet to help guide others to wholesome wellness, too. Randy lost more than 70 pounds and overcame Type II diabetes and hypertension, and Hilda is a survivor of the Guillan Barre Syndrome and Fibromyalgia. Now, both of them are pastors who blog delicious, healthy recipes, plus insightful, impactful truths about finding health and wholesome lives. Pretty powerful stuff.
    Top Post: Low Carb Cream Cheese Pound Cake
    Top Quote: “Randy and I endeavor to bring clarity to the issue of wellness using our personal stories of transformation to inspire others.

    51. Get Healthy with Bacon
    Author: Neale
    Type: Weight Loss & Humor

    About: If the title of the blog alone doesn’t get you (it sure did for us), Neale’s hilarity soon will. When he started losing weight, Neale weighed in at 425 pounds. Now, he’s down 190 pounds — and he did it with no pill, shakes, short cuts or surgery. As Neale puts it, he’s had many people ask him the secret to his success — hence, the blog. Oh, and did we mention he’s a professional ventriloquist? So cool.
    Top Post: Incoming!
    Top Quote: “I am not an expert. I am just a person who has found what works for me.

    52. Fit With Ayla
    Author: Ayla
    Type: Fitness, Healthy Living, Weight Loss

    About: Brand new to the blogging world, Ayla’s story is a familiar one. She started out her journey at about 200 pounds and tried tons of different things to lose weight — pills, dieting, the gym, you name it — none of which seemed to work. Finally, Ayla gave it one last go using Insanity workouts and overhauling her diet, and, what do you know, it worked. Ayla lost 63 pounds, and now dedicates her time and energy to sharing tips and tricks that worked for her with others. Her blog has easy-to-follow, quick-hit guides and ideas for losing weight quickly and effectively.
    Top Post: How Busy People Manage Their Fitness
    Top Quote: “If I can do it, I KNOW you can! I lost a total of 63 pounds and am progressively getting more toned.

    53. Healthy Nadia
    Author: Nadia
    Type: Fitness, Healthy Living, Healthy Recipes

    About: Besides Nadia’s beautiful smile, it’s her philosophy on life that really drew us to her blog. Yes, Nadia is passionate about all things fitness and healthy eating, but she’s even more passionate about spreading the message that perfection is impossible and the key is to love yourself for who you are. That’s the kind of heart Nadia puts into each and every one of her posts as she strives to help people find their own version of happiness.
    Top Post: Getting Personal — My Recovery
    Top Quote: “My binge eating has been eradicated and with that I have confidence, more self esteem, better friendships and relationships and more motivation and passion for life. I am no longer depressed and I love myself again. I still eat, but it is no longer accompanied by crushing guilt and emotional turmoil.

    54. Curvy Girl Chronicles
    Author: Kristina
    Type: Positive Body Image & Healthy Living

    About: Kristina is a plus-size model with a mission: help women learn to love their bodies while working to exercise, eat right and live healthfully. But most importantly, Kristina’s blog is about exploring body confidence and “healthy curves.” Her blog is the perfect balance of encouraging healthy living and loving yourself at the same time. Plus, Kristina’s great about taking it outside herself. Every month, she features the “Curvy Girl of the Month” where she profiles other successful women.
    Top Post: The Curvy CEO
    Top Quote: “Knowing how often plus size women are marginalized, Curvy Girl Chronicles will NOT perpetuate that pattern. So, you can be thin, petite, tall, thick, voluptuous, slender; it doesn’t matter, Curvy Girl Chronicles is for you.

    55. Jennifer’s Kitchen
    Author: Jennifer
    Type: Healthy Recipes & Weight Loss

    About: If you’re not sure what to eat to lose weight, and still want it to taste good, Jennifer’s blog is for you. She’s a professional weight loss coach, and her blog is loaded to the tee with healthy recipes, tips and much, much more to help get you to your ultimate goal: shedding pounds and still enjoying life to its fullest.
    Top Post: Creamy Italian Salad Dressing
    Top Quote: “I started Jennifer’s Kitchen as a way to offer inspiration, advice, and healthy recipes to others who are trying to lose weight.

    56. Channel Your Inner Athlete
    Author: Amanda
    Type: Fitness, Healthy Recipes, Weight Loss

    About: The primary purpose of Amanda’s website may not be to share fitness tips (she’s a virtual personal trainer), but that doesn’t mean you can’t find some amazing ideas on how to exercise in her blog. Amanda’s proven methods are the perfect balance of active training and rewarding results. Here, you’ll find fitness tips, training plans, healthy recipes and tons of health & nutritional information.
    Top Post: Functional Movement Screen: Injury Prevention at its Best
    Top Quote: “My goal is to change the way you look at personal training, in that personal training is not just getting a great workout, but to educate and equip you with the knowledge you need to take action to exercise safely, develop body awareness, and prevent exercise related injuries long term.

    57. The Jellygoose Blogs
    Author: Lisa
    Type: Weight Loss & Lifestyle

    About: Lisa hails from the United Kingdom — a long way from the U.S., but with a touching story of strength that is impossible to ignore. Lisa suffers from Chronic Fatigue, a debilitating condition that’s slowed her down significantly in life, and one that she’s also managed to fight back from. Lisa started her blog about a year ago as a way to lose weight in the hope that it would help improve her disease — her fight is definitely an inspirational one to follow.
    Top Post: You’re not obese, you’re [insert compliment here].
    Top Quote: “Through following this blog you will join me on these journeys, learn about things I get overly excited about – usually beauty products, music, feminism, zines, body positive stuff [and] help with mental health.

    58. Body Rebooted
    Author: Christina
    Type: Weight Loss & Healthy Recipes

    About: Three years ago, Christina suffered a miscarriage, became depressed, gained weight and developed a horrible body-image problem. But that wasn’t who Christina was deep down. So, she switched her diet to gluten-free and started up a website dedicated to sharing healthy, good-tasting recipes that others could use to help them lose weight and live healthy. A certified nutritionist and yoga instructor, Christina’s blog has everything you need for practical tips to lose weight and hundreds of scrumptious, healthy recipes to help you along in your journey.
    Top Post: Rosemary Cloud Bread
    Top Quote: “That 1st step is always the hardest...let me help you start your healthy living journey today!

    59. Wellness Mama
    Author: Katie
    Type: Healthy Living

    About: It’s difficult enough trying to get yourself on track to living healthy, but add in a family, and it can seem like the odds of success are astronomical. Enter Katie. As the mother of six, she has a lot of experience and a laundry list of tips and tricks busy moms and families can work together to achieve wellness. She sticks to real food, natural remedies and natural living in an effort to combat all the chemicals and pollution that could potentially hurt your family — and she does a darn good job of it.
    Top Post: 101 Uses for Coconut Oil
    Top Quote: “As cliche and corny as it sounds, my real goal with the blog is to help you and to create lasting changes so that our children can grow up in a better world.

    60. The Art of Healthy Living
    Authors: Simon & Becky
    Type: Healthy Living

    About: Simon and Becky are lifelong health enthusiasts. They care about making wholesome choices, and they care even more about helping you do the same. Rather than get super personal, Simon and Becky’s blog is dedicated to bringing readers the latest news, information, tips and advice for achieving a healthy lifestyle. You’ll find all the info you need, from diets, to celebrity tips, to beauty, to fitness and more.
    Top Post: Exercise & Fitness Developments for 2016
    Top Quote: “Health is so important – your life depends on it!

    61. Shrederella
    Author: Shawn
    Type: Weight Loss, Fitness, Healthy Recipes, Healthy Living

    About: She had us with her name, but diving a little deeper, Shawn’s creativity really sinks the hooks in. Her “about” section is written like a sad (and playful) fairytale, but it’s her very real struggle that also touches a nerve. Shawn’s always been a hard worker, but her pursuit of education and a career took a toll on her body — causing weight gain and a deep depression. Shawn started Shrederella as a way to take back her life and chronicle the journey, and she’s done one heck of a job. Follow her for an authentic person with real struggles that you will surely relate to — plus a host of delicious, healthy recipes and fitness tricks.
    Top Post: Frozen Banana Ice Cream with Macadamia Nut Butter (yum!)
    Top Quote: “While this is my playful attempt of sharing my experience with you, I have to be completely honest when I say that it’s been hard. I can live with giving up on all the gadgets, gizmos, systems and plans that barely saw the light of day, but it’s really hard to accept that I gave up on myself. While I know I have a long arduous journey ahead of me, I hope that I will inspire others to keep me company along the way.

    62. Higher Self Evolution
    Author: Nikki
    Type: Weight Loss, Fitness, Beauty, Healthy Living
    About: A brand new blogger, Nikki’s trying to achieve wellness and healthy living, but what she’s really best at is getting product freebies and reviewing them so you know what works (and what doesn’t) when it comes to weight loss, fitness, beauty, you name it. Nikki’s blog is loaded to the tee with useful product reviews, but she’s also not shy about sharing her own personal journey towards wellness either. Practical and emotional. We love it.
    Top Post: My Fitness Routine
    Top Quote: “I have been getting free samples from random companies for a while now. It wasn’t until I was unable to work BC of personal issues, that I realized how I can adapt a frugal lifestyle, be balanced and also live happily while doing it! This blog will be about my life!

    63. Skinny Ms.
    Author: Misc.
    Type: Weight Loss, Fitness, Healthy Living, Healthy Recipes, Beauty

    About: Skinny Ms is a one-stop shop for all things you could possibly need (or want) for weight loss and healthy living. It’s packed to the tee with tips, fitness, recipes, even meal plans to help you on your way to a new you.
    Top Post: Total Body Transformation Ebook
    Top Quote: “The SkinnyMs. team believes that all people, regardless of age, size, and fitness level, have the power to transform their lives — they just need the resources to do so.

    64. Happy Food, Healthy Life
    Author: Holly
    Type: Weight Loss, Fitness, Healthy Recipes

    About: Holly’s story starts and ends with food. Years ago, Holly spent every waking minute obsessing over every calorie, every bite and trying every yo-yo diet she could think of to shed pounds. But then one day she woke up and realized she would never find happiness living that way. She began focusing on finding a love of healthy food and cooking, a love she now shares on her blog and sees as her true purpose in life. There, you’ll find everything you need to learn to enjoy food again without all the guilt.
    Top Post: Cleansing Tri-Color Quinoa Salad
    Top Quote: “This is what I’m meant to do with my life. This is my life-purpose. The reason I was given these personal struggles was so I could learn from them and teach women like you.

    65. The Failed Dieter
    Author: Jessica
    Type: Weight Loss, Healthy Living, Fitness, Healthy Recipes

    About: The Failed Dieter is a newly-launched website from Jessica, who formerly was the owner of Jessica’s World, a personal blog she used to chronicle her weight loss journey. Now, her blog has morphed into so much more — a place where Jessica gives tips and recipes for stopping yo-yo dieting, and choosing to live healthy. Jessica lost 50 pounds making small lifestyle changes and giving up bad habits. Now her mission is to help you do the same.
    Top Post: 8 Ways to Get More Steps if You Work a Desk Job
    Top Quote: “I have so many steps ahead of me, and this will be an ongoing battle the rest of my life, but I know that it is possible, even when it seems like the scale gets stuck for months at the same weight no matter what I do."

    66. Laura Houssain
    Author: Laura
    Type: Weight Loss, Mental Health, Positive Body Image

    About: Laura is a health coach whose passion to help others overcome addiction and gain a satisfying life comes from her own history: For years she battled addiction (to food, cigarettes and many other things) and was taught to believe that as a woman, she was less valuable than a man. Trapped in her own mind and truly miserable, Laura one day realized that the key to overcoming her addictions was to make deliberate choices for every single thing she did — a mindset that taught her just how valuable she is. Now, she’s an extraordinarily strong-willed champion of women’s health who shares her knowledge and expertise with others. A true inspiration on so many levels.
    Top Post: How to Stop Compulsive Eating
    Top Quote: “Perfection to me is not a goal, but improvement is. That’s how I have become the person I am today. I have never given up and settled for a dream that wasn’t my own.

    67. The Weigh We Were
    Author: Misc.
    Type: Weight Loss & Inspiration

    About: The truth is we all love a good success story — they show us what other people, real people that went through the same things we did, were able to achieve. They also give us ideas on how we can kickstart our own weight loss journey and succeed. The Weigh We Were is a one-stop shop for all those stories, real stories from other people who lost weight, plus how they did it. It’s just the place to get ideas from similar people to see what might work and what won’t.
    Top Post: 103 Pounds Lost: Gotta Get it Right!
    Top Quote: “The weight loss successes you’ll meet on the Weigh We Were have lost weight with various programs ranging from Weight Watchers to Tops to NutriSystem – but the bottom line isn’t about ‘the diet’ - it’s about finding what works for you!

    68. First Time Mom...and Losing It
    Author: Michelle
    Type: Weight Loss, Lifestyle, Crafts

    About: Michelle’s first pregnancy was one of the best times of her life, but it was also a time when she gained weight. After her little one was born, Michelle started up her blog as a way to chronicle her weight loss and all her activities being a first-time mom. She lost nearly 60 pounds in six months, and is great if you’re looking for someone to follow who tries out new diets, fitness routines, healthy recipes and more. Oh yeah, and her crafts are amazing.
    Top Post: Low Carb/Keto Barbeque Chicken Wings
    Top Quote: “Join me on my journey as I try to lose the weight while juggling the craziness of being a first-time mom.

    69. The Get Fit Mom
    Author: Jessica
    Type: Weight Loss, Fitness, Healthy Recipes, Healthy Living

    About: Jessica started blogging in 2012, but it really slowed down in 2014 and 2015. Now, she’s back at it, with a blog about all things weight loss, fitness, healthy recipes and healthy living, sure. But it’s also much, much more than that. Jessica is the kind of woman you can relate to, who will inspire you (without even meaning to) and who gets that being a mom is tough — and that it’s even tougher to fit in exercise and healthy eating. But she also shows you that it absolutely can be done. And that’s what makes her so special.
    Top Post: How to Avoid Holiday Diet Slip-Ups
    Top Quote: “I decided to create a fun mom-blog, mainly because I love to write, but also because I want to inspire one person. Just one. I want to show people what the average woman looks like, thinks like, and can become.

    70. ChrissyLilly
    Author: Chrissy
    Type: Healthy Lifestyle
    About: Chrissy Lilly started in 2015 as a health, fitness and weight loss blog. Today, it has morphed into a place where Chrissy shares her own personal struggles and emotions. But most importantly, it’s a place where you can go to find inspiration and read real stuff that you will relate to. Her blog posts are very real, she’s not afraid to get down and dirty with her posts. And that’s what makes her one of the best the business has to offer.
    Top Post: Where Have You Been
    Top Quote: “ChrissyLilly is a place to come when you need some inspiration, a shoulder to cry on or a helping hand to get you through the day. I’m here to inspire you to live your best life.

    71. Taming My Inner Fat Child
    Author: Jenn
    Type: Weight Loss

    About: Jenn’s story is one we can all relate to. She’s struggled with her weight all her life, and has spent many times going up and down with winning over her food addiction — and succumbing to it. Her posts represent the deepest emotions we battle when it comes to food, and it’s her willingness to open up that really touches readers. She’s been blogging for a long time, and her constant battle is one that more people definitely should follow.
    Top Post: Don’t Read if You Embarrass Easily Or Have Good Verbal Boundaries or If You DOn’t Look Pregnant When You Aren’t
    Top Quote: “I am the only person who puts food in my mouth.’ I really like that because I frequently find myself looking for someone else to blame. If I have to take responsibility -- well, maybe I'll rethink it."

    72. The Pursuit of a Quality Life
    Author: Kristen
    Type: Weight Loss & Fitness

    About: Kristen is a 42-year-old woman who a few years back decided she was going to lose weight — and she was going to do so by running and blogging about it. She lost 50 pounds, and along the way discovered that far from hating running like she assumed she would, she actually loved it...and hiking, and yoga, and much, much more. Her blog posts are full of inspiration, simple tips and tricks for making healthier choices, healthy recipes, fitness and personal musings.
    Top Post: G.I.G.O. - FFInspired
    Top Quote: “That's what this blog and I am about...enjoying the journey and taking who I am and constantly redefining it for the better!

    73. Finding Radiance
    Author: Lori

    Type: Weight Loss, Healthy Living, Fitness, Healthy Recipes

    About: One of the things you’ll notice first when you open up Lori’s blog is that she’s a very visual person — a style that reflects in her posts, which are chock full of photos sharing her fitness, food, travel and more. Lori started blogging about three years ago when she decided to lose 115 pounds. Now, she’s 105 pounds down and went from tipping the scales to doing a triathlon. Quite impressive, especially considering Lori has been overweight all her life. Follow her if you want to read about someone who’s the epitome of success, someone who continues to eat right, stay fit and maintain a huge weight loss. 

    Top Post: Progress Pics
    Top Quote: “I feel like I now have the complete puzzle put together on the best type of eating for me! I can eat this way for the rest of my life, and have learned that if I really want something – I should make room for it.

    74. Doing A 180
    Author: Helen
    Type: Weight Loss, Fitness, Healthy Recipes

    About: Helen’s a sweet and simple kind of girl. She’s a runner in mid-life whose goal is to live healthy while mixing in a bit of adventure too. But what really makes her blog special is the number of delicious, healthy recipes she has developed along the way. They’re easy to follow and loaded with pics. And although Helen does sometimes take long breaks between posts, when she does do an update, they're among the most well-read on her blog.
    Top Post: Bad Blogger
    Top Quote: “I’m just trying to live healthy while exploring the opportunities and mysteries of mid-life!

    75. The Flexible Baker
    Author: Dustin
    Type: Fitness, Healthy Recipes, Weight Loss

    About: Dustin spent much of his life being “slightly overweight,” never obese, but enough so that he wasn’t super comfortable in his own skin. But one day he decided to start exercising — lifting weights, crossfit and similar workouts, and slowly but surely, his body began to see the results he’d hoped. His interest in food also grew. He always liked meats, but decided to expand into baking too. These days, he’s packing his blog with clever twists on recipes — always making sure they’re nutritious and delicious — as well as fitness routines and updates on his progress. He’s just the guy if you want to take it nice and easy to lose weight.
    Top Post: What’s In Your Gym Bag
    Top Quote: “Flexible dieting has helped my baking, and overall cooking grow giving me the flexibility to enjoy numerous different dishes [while] still maintaining my nutrition and fitness goals. Bare with me, as each day you will literally see my growth and transformation, in and out of the gym.

    76. Cuckoolemon
    Author: Nicole
    Type: Weight Loss, Fitness, Humor

    About: Nicole’s just a regular ‘ole girl that occasionally likes to try new fitness and, as she puts it, only gets up to work out at 5 a.m. if she’s under duress. And it’s that attitude that makes her so gosh darn appealing. She’s not the in-your-face runner, the strict “paleo-diet-only” recipe blogger. She’s just an average girl doing average things — much like the rest of us. Plus, she’s pretty darn funny and not afraid to use self-deprecating humor. Love it.
    Top Post: Every Time I Worked Out Last Week
    Top Quote: “I exercise, I try new things. I’m sorta into kale. Sometimes I trip over my own shoelaces and sometimes I set a new PR. If I get up at 5am to workout it’s under duress.
    So why should you read this? Because I am going to explore new health/sports/fitness activities, and I’m not perfect. In fact I’m a major league goof. So it will be a fun, realistic journey that I hope you relate to.


    77. Graceful Fitness
    Author: Faith
    Type: Healthy Living, Fitness, Healthy Recipes, Weight Loss

    About: For some people, the idea of sweating it out in a gym or running for miles along the road is this side of awful. And for them, there’s Graceful Fitness, an approach that incorporates dance, yoga and deep-breathing — but also acknowledges the body’s limits and celebrates rest time. Plus, Graceful Fitness author Faith also has a unique approach to food — blending eating for health with eating for fun. It’s pretty much the peaceful way to incorporate fitness and healthy eating into your weight loss regime, and it’s all done by a young woman whose blog shows you step-by-step how to get there.
    Top Post: Lemon Love
    Top Quote: “Gracefulfitness is finding strength, confidence and balance despite the reality of body image issues and negative self-talk. Gracefulfitness is relinquishing excuses and getting moving yet languishing in rest when the time is right.

    78. Emma’s Happy Little World
    Author: Emma
    Type: Healthy Living, Fitness, Mental Health, Weight Loss, Healthy Recipes

    About: Going through a divorce can do nasty things to a person — it can cause weight gain, low self-esteem, job changes, you name it. It certainly was a downward spiral for Emma, who went through the ringer before meeting (and getting engaged) to her current fiancé — but along the way she learned how to find the joy in life and learn to love herself. Emma decided to start a blog as a way to bring her newfound positivity to others. Her outlook on healthy living and eating, fitness and weight loss is charged with positivity. She’s a glass-half-full kind of person, and reading her blog can make you one too.
    Top Post: Sweet Sweet Date Night
    Top Quote: “Everyday has a little magic in it, and I'm very much learning to appreciate the little things. I’m all about the life’s little moments and being happy with everyday life.

    79. Live Fit. Live Healthy. Live Free.
    Author: Caitlin
    Type: Healthy Living, Healthy Recipes, Fitness

    About: Caitlin’s approach to healthy living is three-pronged: mind, spirit and body. She believes that finding true health means finding balance in all three, and her mission with her blog is to take people along the way as she figures that out. She’s a self-taught yogi with a passion for natural, balanced food and fitness — all things she shares exponentially in her blog to help others figure it out too.
    Top Post: Healthier Living and Social Media
    Top Quote: “We are mind, body, spirit beings and I believe that TRUE health-and the fullness of it-is reached by maintaining an intentional attitude toward all three. We have to keep not just our bodies healthy, but our minds and our spirits as well.

    80. The Life in Bloom
    Author: Britni
    Type: Healthy Living, Weight Loss, Fitness

    About: Britni’s been blogging for years, but only in the past couple did she start on a journey to lose weight in a unique way — by working towards getting her personal training certification (and blogging, of course!). She’s a hardcore lover of food and fitness, and she’s also dedicated to making sure other young mothers like herself are given the tools they need to shed pounds and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
    Top Post: My Atkins Journey
    Top Quote: “My blog is now dedicated to fitness, family, food and fun as well as 100% dedicated to encourage all women {and men} no matter what their starting weight is or their fitness level is to push on and strive for a better you!

    81. Cali Girl Gets Fit
    Author: Shannon
    Type: Fitness

    About: Shannon’s a fit girl, but her mission in life is to get even fitter — and motivate others to join her along the way. She’s also a full-time marketing executive, but her true passion is bringing together and inspiring them to reach their goals. You’ll find her posts are full of positivity, motivation, practical tips for exercising (without killing yourself) and even fun fashion bits. If the sun was shining through a blog, it would be shining through Shannon’s.
    Top Post: Get Outside!

    Top Quote: “If I can touch just one person through my blog or social media channels and inspire them to change their life in a positive way, then I feel that I have reached my goals!


    82. Good Morning Fitness
    Author: Kelsey
    Type: Fitness, Weight Loss, Healthy Living, Healthy Recipes

    About: Kelsey’s blog is packed with easy-to-follow healthy recipes and fitness routines (and they’re not just your run-of-the-mill workouts, either). They’re formulated or endorsed from Kelsey herself — a 50 pound weight loss success story. Kelsey had been pretty fit and thin her whole life, but shortly after leaving college, countless nights of eating out and drinking led to her packing on an extra 50 pounds. Unhappy, Kelsey decided to make a change. What’s especially inspirational about her story is that she did so slowly. She made small changes, slowly started eating cleaner and eventually lost all the weight. Now, five years later, she’s still fit and sharing her story on her blog and in her books, fitness routines and recipes with readers. She even hosts weight loss challenges (with cash prizes) to really cheer people on and give them incentive to keep going.
    Top Post: 8 Pieces of Equipment You Need in Your Home Gym
    Top Quote: “[I] found that [I] didn't have to work near as hard in our workouts when [my] nutrition was on point. … It was amazing the response and results [I] got from simply following a meal plan consistently.

    83. Healthy Hacks
    Author: Kaylie
    Type: Healthy Recipes & Weight Loss

    About: Healthier key lime pie. Lower-calorie chocolate caramel snickers bars. Lower carb chocolate-filled cookies. If you have a sweet tooth but are trying to lose weight, Kaylie’s blog is for you. Kaylie is a registered dietitian who has a sweet tooth of her own. So, naturally, she figured out recipe swaps for making desserts with lower calories while maintaining all the sweet deliciousness. Talk about having your cake and eating it too.
    Top Post: Healthy Baking Hacks — Nutritious Baking Substitutes
    Top Quote: “Healthy baking doesn’t have to be difficult. Swapping just one ‘empty calorie’ ingredient from your favorite dessert recipe with a nutrient-dense alternative will make your dessert healthier without sacrificing flavor.”

    84. Eat. Laugh. Craft.
    Author: Georgina
    Type: Healthy Living & Healthy Recipes

    About: Georgina is a natural in the kitchen. She loves experimenting with new recipes, often figuring out ways to make them healthier, as well as crafting and just generally living a happy life. When she started her blog four years ago, it was for a long time only read by her mother. Now, it’s a huge part of Georgina’s life and features all sorts of yummy recipes, tips for finding happiness and wellness, beauty and crafts. Georgina’s also a very visual person, so you’ll find no shortage of photos to tell the story in an even more vibrant way.
    Top Post: Organize Your 2016
    Top Quote: “I started Eat Laugh Craft primarily just for fun and my mom was my only reader (hey mom!) but it morphed into a really big passion of mine and here we are almost 4 years later and it’s a huge part of my life! I love being able to share my ideas and recipes with all of you.

    85. Bluegrass Bar-Belle
    Author: Emma
    Type: Fitness, Healthy Living, Healthy Recipes

    About: Emma’s blogging personality is emphasized in her blog name. She’s a health and fitness junkie who uses her own life experiences to inspire others. For Emma, fitness is a release, and she wants it to be the same for her readers. Emma provides multiple recipes, weight loss tips and is an avid believer in “macro-counting,” eating the right kind of calories to maintain a healthy body weight.
    Top Post: All Calories Are NOT Created Equal
    Top Quote: “I’m a bit of a shopaholic and I’d rather be at a concert than anywhere in the world. This blog is designed to motivate and inspire as well as be a resource for health and fitness tips.

    86. Kaylen’s Kitchen
    Author: Kaylen
    Type: Healthy Recipes, Healthy Living, Fitness

    About: Kaylen may be young, but she’s knows her way around a kitchen. She has a passion for food and loves experimenting to find new ways to make recipes healthier. Her blog comes after many years of following other healthy living blogs and has a host of scrumptious, easy-to-follow recipes. Plus, she tosses in the occasional fitness routine, too. In short, it’s a true breath of fresh air.
    Top Post: Weekend Recap & Fish Tacos
    Top Quote: “I have learned to embrace the importance of meal planning while also allowing myself time to enjoy cooking in the kitchen; it is after all, my happy place.

    87. Fitness is Sweet
    Author: Aurora
    Type: Healthy Living, Fitness, Healthy Recipes

    About: Aurora is a college student full of curiosity, including a nearly insatiable appetite to learn all she can about fitness and nutrition. She fell in love with exercising early on, while playing for a softball team growing up. That fueled a passion for nutrition as well, and eventually a blog dedicated to both as a way to inspire others to live healthy and lose weight. Aurora, who works in a veterinary’s office, also has a deep love for animals (which is always a bonus in our book). And yes, she includes many photos of cute puppies in her blog.
    Top Post: WIAW — College is Hard
    Top Quote: “I hope to share some of the many things I’ve learned through my research as well as trial and error. I am by no means an expert, but I strive to improve myself and my body every day.

    88. That Running Girl
    Author: Megan
    Type: Fitness & Healthy Living

    About: Megan is a lifelong runner who exemplifies what’s it’s like to find happiness in fitness. Her blog is mainly a personal diary about her running, race trainings and occasional trim-ups, but it’s her integrity and honesty that makes you want to keep reading once you start. She’s a real person with real ups-and-downs, perfect for a person who is well on their way to their goal weight and a general healthy lifestyle, but sometimes takes a few steps back and struggles. Megan, like them, has downs, but her continuous determination is something you’re sure to admire.
    Top Post: How I Get Through Long Runs
    Top Quote: “I’ve been running for years and years now and nothing gets me more motivated to get out on the streets or on the treadmill like an upcoming race.

    89. Coffee and Pearls
    Author: Amy
    Type: Healthy Living, Positive Body Image, Healthy Recipes, Fashion, Motherhood

    About: Amy’s blog is about motherhood. It’s about marriage. It’s about being classy. And it’s about leading a healthy lifestyle. It’s the “healthy lifestyle” part that drew us in. That part of her blog has tips to kickstart weight loss, healthy recipes and motivational posts — but it also has things on more hard-hitting topics like fat-talk and body-shaming (and how Amy overcame it). Amy’s blog is a one-stop shop for everything relationships, fashion, healthy living, wellness and more.
    Top Post: Body Shaming and How to Overcome It
    Top Quote: “If judgement is all around us, can we recognize when we’re doing it to ourselves? … I was the biggest problem in my own life because I was shaming my own body. Learning this about myself was the first step in truly changing my life.

    90. Diary of a Hopeful Fat Girl
    Author: Kristin
    Type: Weight Loss & Positive Body Image
    About: Who is Kristin? It can be tough to tell. The “about” section of her blog is empty, and finding her name so we could peg an author involved a deep dive into the blog archives. But one thing we do know...Kristin’s blog is deep. Very deep. It’s her innermost feelings, struggles, emotions with how her weight makes her feel, her low self confidence and her constant highs and lows. It’s the kind of blog that sucks you in from the moment you start reading, the kind of blog that tells you, “whoa, this person is really pouring her heart out.” And it’s Kristen’s level of vulnerability that makes her so appealing, that makes her one of the most powerful weight loss bloggers on our list. Whatever pain your weight loss struggles have caused you, you’re sure to relate to Kristen.
    Top Post: I’m scared...
    Top Quote: “This blog is my journal, my diary, my unbiased friend and my release. I will continue to use it that way.

    91. Bobby C’s Health Journey
    Author: Bobby
    Type: Weight Loss & Healthy Living

    About: On March 1, 2014, a visit to the doctor’s office really brought things home for Bobby. At 6 feet tall, Bobby weighed in at 345 pounds. To be at a healthy weight, his doctor said he needed to weigh 177 pounds, 168 pounds less than the weight he was at. In essence, Bobby realized he was essentially carrying around another person. The moment was the catalyst he needed to change. Rather than set any unrealistic expectations, Bobby decided to set the small, attainable goal of losing 2 pounds a week. So began his blog. And, guess what? It worked. Two years later, Bobby weighs in at 214 pounds (he looks great, by the way), and continues to take those small baby steps that are helping him achieve a healthy body. Bravo.
    Top Post: Two Years In
    Top Quote: “I am not setting myself up to be a weight loss guru, or anything like that. I just want to have a place that is somewhat public where I can share my successes and failures, my struggles, and triumphs, and my gains and losses. Hopefully, this time, I will win and succeed!

    92. Banded Carolina Girl
    Author: Unnamed
    Type: Weight Loss & Healthy Living

    About: Sometimes, it’s okay to take a helping hand when it comes to weight loss. That’s exactly what the author of Banded Carolina Girl did. In 2012, she had lap band surgery and dropped from a size 30 to a size 12 and saw her BMI drop from 62 to 32. Two years later, she started a blog to talk about “the good, the bad and everything in between.” On her blog, you’ll find quick-hit posts offering inspiration and encouragement to not just lose weight, but also to learn how to love and accept yourself.
    Top Post: Don’t Get Discouraged
    Top Quote: “Don’t get discouraged, no matter how hard you try or how good you’re doing, there will always be someone or something trying to bring you down. Stay focused, positive and vigilant during this time. In the face of negativity, positivity will always win.

    93. Change, Know, Smile
    Author: Chanden
    Type: Weight Loss, Healthy Recipes, Healthy Living

    About: The best word to describe Chanden's blog is sassy. She’s not afraid to write a little rough around the edges (if you know what we mean), and she’s got a fun personality which comes through her posts as she works to get fit and change her eating habits. She does that by creating healthy recipes and offering cooking tips that she used to drop 70 pounds since she started her blog in March 2015. She also shares her own personal journey and thoughts, and her recipes are in a league of their own.
    Top Post: Cakes á la Cambridge
    Top Quote: “The weight loss isn’t purely diet related- it is a lot of mind over matter at times, and so I’d also like to use this site to start a dialogue about well-being and being holistic in the approach to weight loss.

    94. My Fat Friend Blog
    Authors: Alex & Sarah
    Type: Weight Loss, Fitness, Healthy Living

    About: My Fat Friend Blog mixes two total opposites: Alex, the “fat friend” who is trying to lose weight and get fit. Sarah is the “not-fat friend,” the one who is really into fitness and healthy eating and who is on a mission to help Alex learn to love it the way she does. The blog is very, very new (just started in March), but so far, so good. The posts are entertaining, have fun photos and will have you laughing out loud.
    Top Post: It’s Time To Start Looking After You...
    Top Quote: Alex: “This blog is going to take us all on a journey of discovery, and of DOMs (delayed onset muscle soreness) from the gym and hopefully by the end of it, I will have a behind to rival Khloé Kardashian and abs that put Paige Hathaway to shame.”
    Sarah: “Alex traumatises me on a daily basis when she pops open her second or THIRD can of diet coke before 9.30am! She continuously moans about how fat she is, how tired she is, how spotty she is but it’s all about to change…


    95. Fighting for Fit
    Author: Alycia
    Type: Weight Loss, Fitness, Healthy Living

    About: Alycia’s been following blogs for years, but to her, the biggest problem is that many of them don’t start until after the author loses weight and finds success. Alycia’s got a different way of doing things — she is blogging to show her real-time approach for shedding her unwanted pounds, exercising and eating right. She’s putting it all out there and hoping that she can succeed, plus inspire a few people along the way.
    Top Post: The Power of the Picture
    Top Quote: “This blog will give you an unfiltered view of my struggle with weight loss in the past and the path to reach my goals.

    96. Hannah: The Fit Life Blog
    Author: Hannah
    Type: Fitness, Healthy Living, Weight Loss
    About: It may be tough to tell by looking at her photo (complete with a very toned tummy), but Hannah’s no stranger to gaining weight. She packed on about 50 pounds each time she became pregnant with her two kids until she eventually went from a size 4 to a size 12-14. The pregnancies also changed her body and made her unhappy with the way she looked. Ready for change, Hannah created a fitness and food plan for herself, stuck to it and noticed she slowly but surely lost weight and started to look more and more toned. Now she’s studying to be a personal trainer, and her blog is a place she shares all her fitness tips, nutrition ideas and motivation to help others lose weight too.
    Top Post: Why I’ll Never Be ‘Smug Fit’
    Top Quote: “Life is hard enough without being mad at yourself for not getting it on point 100 percent of the time.

    97. Okie Girl Adventures
    Author: Kristen
    Type: Healthy Living

    About: Kristen is a country girl living in Oklahoma who recently started blogging about figuring out the whole “healthy living” thing with her husband and two dogs. Kristen loves life and is full of positivity, which is exactly why she started blogging about making healthier choices — so that she can continue to live life to the fullest. Her blog features posts of encouragement and practical tips, as well as her own personal ups and downs with making choices that create the total wellness package.
    Top Post: Just Start
    Top Quote: “Life isn’t much worth living if you aren’t healthy enough to do the things you love to do, right?

    98. Sanj In the City’s Blog
    Author: Sanji
    Type: Weight Loss & Healthy Living
    About: Sanji started her blog in 2009 as a personal journey to discover what adventures life would bring her, including religion, dating, traveling and more. Fast forward 7 years later, and Sanji is married and has a child. Recently, she morphed her blog into a place to share about her weight loss journey and efforts to live healthy. Add in her long-time writing experience and willingness to get vulnerable, and you’re sure to find it’s a journey you can relate to and find inspiration.
    Top Post: Cravings
    Top Quote: “Writing helps me discover myself and I feel strongly that the world will be a better place if we all truly know ourselves.

    99. My Life’s Metamorphosis
    Author: Cary
    Type: Weight Loss

    About: Cary has a big personality, a personality that comes through every single post she writes. She’s trying to lose 100 pounds, and she has the same kinds of ups and downs we all do when we’re losing weight, one of the many things that makes her so appealing. Her blog is her “me-place” to cry, moan and spill painful thoughts. But it’s also a place where she shares her triumphs, happy moments and steps to uncover (little by little) herself.
    Top Post: Accountability, Exercise Finally and My Fab Lunch
    Top Quote: "Success breeds success. I can’t believe how hard it is and how much mental work it takes to get myself back on track after even one meal off my diet. The more I see this, how quick my MOJO can be smashed to freaking hell the more awareness I have.
    These discoveries have helped me tough it out so far.. I know I am not perfect but I can and will get BETTER.


    100. Weight Clique
    Author: Gina
    Type: Fitness, Weight Loss, Healthy Living

    About: Gina has the kind of success story that really touches a nerve. She started out at 298 pounds and went on to lose 168 of those pounds in 25 months. As someone who always struggled with her weight and achieved such a huge thing, she has an especially good grasp on how to help other people who have 100 or more pounds to lose achieve their goals. Her blog is a place she uses to motivate, inspire, energize and connect with others. And that’s exactly what it is.
    Top Post
    : Going to the Gym with a Plan

    Top Quote: “We can do this if we take a moment and step out of the shadow of our fear and face whatever obstacles are in our way. Let us turn that fear and doubt into what we all really want and that is to feel happy, healthy and on the path to feeling alive again.


    To create this list, Diet-to-Go combed through the common blogging websites:;;;; and using key search terms that included “healthy living;” “weight loss;” “fitness;” and “healthy cooking/recipes.” 

    Diet-to-Go further refined its search to include only bloggers who had shared a post within the last 90 days.

    Bloggers were then selected based on the following criteria:

    • Category, ensuring blog was primarily focused on healthy living; weight loss; fitness; healthy eating/cooking; positive body image.
    • Quality of posts, including use of photos and writing style.
    • Ability to inspire/motivate.
    • Interesting information in “About” section.

    Diet-to-Go determined the “Top Post” based on two criteria:

    • Pages with the highest number of visits besides the home/main pages of website.
    • Pages that related to weight loss & healthy living.

    And for the “Top Quote,” we just picked the words that inspired us, and hope it will do the same for you.


    Did you make the list?

    Feel free to add one of the badges below to your website:

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    Author: Caitlin H
    Diet-to-Go Community Manager

    Caitlin is the Diet-to-Go community manager and an avid runner. She is passionate about engaging with others online and maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle. She believes moderation is key, and people will have the most weight loss success if they engage in common-sense healthy eating and fitness.


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