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  1. Tara Talks About Her Free Week of Food (are you our next winner?)

    Tara M. Corey-Englert of Latham, New York recently enjoyed a free week of Diet-to-Go food. Tara just happened to be the Diet-to-Go Facebook fan chosen entirely at random once we reached the 2,000-fan mark.

    We are now at 2,130 fans (fans are people who clicked the "Like" button on our Facebook page). We will pick our next lucky winner when that number reaches 2,500.

    And we'll continue to repeat this process every 500 fans until further notice. So be sure to click the Like button on our Facebook page -- and get your friends to do so too!

    Meanwhile, Tara was gracious enough to answer a few quick questions about her recent Diet-to-Go experience.


    What did you think when you were contacted and told you were the winner of a free week of Diet-to-Go food?

    I was a little bit taken back and afraid of what commitment I would have to make. But I was excited too.


    Once you got over your initial trepidation, what did you think when you received your cooler of 21 meals?

    I looked over the food choices and was excited to try them all.


    What plan did you choose and what were some of your favorite meals?

    I chose the Traditional Low Fat meal plan.


    Would you recommend Diet-to-Go to a friend?

    I sure would... the food was great!


    Would you consider using the meal plan now that you've had a taste of the food?

    Yes, I feel the food plan was great!


    How does Diet-to-Go stack up against any other diets you've tried?

    The food taste was much better than NutriSystem.


    Did you find the meals made it easier to make it through your busy week?

    Yes, the food was quick and easy. I appreciated the free week and the food was good!

    Okay, so to get your chance for a free week of Diet-to-Go food -- low-fat, low-carb or vegetarian -- go to our Facebook page right now and click the "Like" button!

    If you can't wait to try the delicious, perfectly portioned meals, simply click here and get started TODAY!

    Author: John McGran

    Archived posts 2010
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