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  1. Review Roundup: Real Reviews, News Articles and Blog Posts About Diet-to-Go

    January is a great time to reflect on the previous year. So we're taking a look at all the reviews and feedback Diet-to-Go has received in 2017 and adding it to our growing list of online expert commentary. See some highlights below and click to view the full review!




    The Holy Mess

    "All my meals prepared for me for a few days, and all healthy and low in calories? I’m in!"

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    review-roundup_2Live Fit. Live. Live Free.

    “These meals were delicious, very healthy and balanced, packaged well, easy to prepare, etc.”

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    review-roundup_3Curvy Girl Chronicles

    “The food was good! I didn't know what to expect but I enjoyed the meal, from juicy short ribs to apple pancakes. Yes, you get pancakes, syrup included!”

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    review-roundup_4First Time Mom and Losing It!

    “The key to staying on track when you are on a weight loss journey is to be prepared!”

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    review-roundup_5Finding Radiance

    “I would give a thumb’s up to pretty much all of them. They seem quite balanced and you certainly get in your vegetables

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    review-roundup_6Weight Clique

    “Diet-to-Go provides outstanding and quality meals.”

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    Diary of a Hopeful Fat Girl

    “I had never tried a meal subscription plan before and I wasn’t sure what to expect. I thought maybe it would be a few nasty freezer meals in aluminum foil that I had to heat in the oven from the 80s. Boy was I wrong! First off, let me start by saying that these meals FAR exceeded my expectations!”

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    review-roundup_8Bluegrass Bar-Belle

    “I was seriously shocked at how good this turkey was! Very tender and moist. It tasted like something you’d have on Thanksgiving.”

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    review-roundup_9Diet Food Delivery Services

    “Diet-to-Go works well to accommodate people who have a high-demand schedule and are always busy and need a seamless, convenient way to lose weight.”

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    Diet Dynamo

    “The thing that sets Diet-to-Go apart from others is the fact that they send you “chef-crafted” meals that are designed by dietitians — this is real food that actually tastes great.”

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    review-roundup_11Every Diet

    “All the meals I sampled tasted great. They were full of flavor and seasoned well.”

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    review-roundup_12Consumer Affairs

    “Best for: Anyone trying to lose weight, those who prefer simpler options for meal plans and diabetics.”

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    review-roundup_13Diet Blog

    “Some services like Diet to go offer a superior menu.”

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    review-roundup_14Top 10 Meal Delivery Services

    “If you thought that restaurant-grade food and weight loss can’t go hand-in-hand, you were wrong. All sorts of delicacies are on offer and a creative mix of ingredients and well-thought-out recipes will surely grab your attention if and when you first decide to try this awesome meal delivery service.”

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    Arlington Patch: “Diet-to-Go: Fairfax County meal delivery company does $15 million in sales per year”

    Mary Ann Barton
    A Q&A with Diet-to-Go CEO Hilton Davis and Executive VP of Administrative Services Rachel Burdo

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    Bellingham Alive Magazine/North Sound Life: “Delivering the Goods to Your Home”

    Kate Galambos
    “Flexible, fast, and fresh—these are the characteristics [that] describe home delivery meal company Diet-to-Go.”

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    Food Navigator: “Diet-to-Go stands test of time in volatile meal delivery market”

    Elaine Watson
    “Unlike some weight management-oriented meal delivery services, Diet to Go has always been focused on fresh healthy food.”

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    Storia: “Here’s why 'cook-your-own' meal kits will be your dinnertime game-changer”

    Tabitha Shiflett
    “Diet-to-Go was by far my favorite plan out of the three meal-kits I tried. Unlike Purple Carrot and Green Chef, Diet-to-Go sent me full meals already prepared and microwave ready.”

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    review-roundup_19Spoon University: “Diet-to-Go, a meal service for that spring break bod”

    Giselle Abcarian
    “It’s hard to imagine a diet food that could beat this meal.”

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    review-roundup_20Supply Chain Dive: “Case study: Meal services are just-in-time production for the food industry”

    Jennifer McKevitt
    “The company considers the task "more than last-mile," rather just-in-time production for the food industry. Each meal arrives at the customer's doorstep within three days of creation.”

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    Times Union Blog: Review of Diet-to-Go

    Kristi Barlette
    “The ingredients were minimal, and easy to pronounce (no odd, unrecognizable additives). Also, the sodium and fat content are in check, meaning you aren’t loading up on a bunch of junk.”

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    Diabetes Daily: Diet-to-Go Low-Carb Meals Delivered to Your Door

    Ginger Vieira
    “If you’re looking for healthy, affordable, low-carb meals to help make life with diabetes simpler, I think you’ll really like Diet-to-Go.”

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    review-roundup_23Forbes: The Big Question About Blue Apron’s IPO

    Neil Stern
    “Already prepared meal services abound, from Diet to Go, Nutrisystem and BistroMd, offering more convenience, but perhaps also more weekly commitment.”

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    Very Well

    Laura Dolson
    “A sample menu was tried by a reviewer who usually cooks for herself and usually avoids packaged or frozen meals. She didn't think she'd like the food but was pleasantly surprised. Although the meals were variable, most of them were good to very good, and one (chimichurri salmon) was excellent.”

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    DC Refined

    Amanda Andrade-Rhoades
    “The lack of prep work and transportable packaging make it a great option for those who are crushingly busy or just don’t like cooking, but want to break out of the take-out cycle and lose weight in the process."

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    Chic Family Travels

    “Honestly, I liked the Diet to Go Meals so much that I truly wondered if they had cherry picked the best meals and sent them to me. … I surprisingly also liked the “paid for” Diet to Go meals, and saw no discernible difference in the quality or taste.”

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    review-roundup_27Eat and Sip in the City

    “It was pretty amazing to have all the food ready to go, stacked up in the refrigerator, and each meal ready in just MINUTES in the microwave or toaster oven.”

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    review-roundup_28Come In Sit Down

    “I am satisfied with the quality of meals, customer service and my BG levels while on the plan. I even managed to lose 1.5 pounds in the process and love it; this is something I couldn’t achieve prior to participating in the plan.”

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    review-roundup_29Living with Diabetes and Lap Band

    “I am eating the first cereal and yogurt which I don't think would freeze well. It tastes good.”

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    Diabetes Ramblings

    “Overall the food was good. … Everything seemed healthy.”

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    Type 2 Delicious

    “My favs were the blackened salmon, a generous chunk of well cooked, fresh tasting fish, and a tasty, good textured salmon black bean burger; both included a puree of cracked wheat, spinach and cauliflower which was tasty although a bit bland. This grew on me and got better as I ate more.”

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    Diabetes Dad

    “I’m not a chef, I am not a nutritionist, and taste is a matter of choice and different in each person. But the simple truth is, overall, that the food taste good.”

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    Women’s Running Competitor: There’s A Diet Program That Is Actually Realistic For Runners

    Nicki Miller
    “If you’re trying to get your eating under control, it can be a welcome no-brainer to let someone else plan and prep everything.”

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    Market Watch: In 2017, weight loss companies will (literally) be chasing you

    Alessandra Malito
    “Diet-to-Go...expanded on delivery options and started offering a diabetic delivery plan this year.”

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    Reduced Fat Girl

    “NO COOKING! NO DISHES! I know most of you love cooking, but I’m a busy, social, single girl and Cassie ain’t got time fo dat. I especially don’t love having to eat the same thing for dinner 4 nights in a row because recipes can’t be made for one.”

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    Mindy’s Fitness Journey

    “I loved my Thursday night dinner. It was blackened turkey loin with carrot chipotle puree. It was so good. It was like I was eating at a favorite restaurant.”

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    Sugar Free Mom

    “I honestly must say if I were single or worked outside of the home or just didn’t like to cook or have time to prepare healthy meals, I would definitely order a diet meal plan from this company.”

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    Nourished Simply

    “Pick up was really easy. I just went into Walgreens and told a staff member I was there to pick up my meals. The manager retrieved the meals from the refrigerator and asked me to sign for them.”

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    Preppy Runner

    “I really enjoyed the meatloaf dinner, too. It was served with sweet potatoes and green beans and a whole grain roll. It was filling enough that I didn’t even need to eat the roll.”

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    Kristen Womack

    “The variety of the meals allowed me to try things that I would not have purchased in the store for fear of wasting money. I learned that I eat too much of the same things over and over again and I really need to mix it up a bit and get more variety and balance in my meals.”

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    Back at Square Zero

    “I enjoyed the simplicity of it. I knew exactly what I was having every day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner – all of the guess work (and crazy cravings I sometimes get) taken out of my meal prep.”

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    I Run for Wine

    “Overall, I was very impressed with Diet-to-Go. While I love cooking at home, this plan worked out very well for me given my current work life situation.”

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    “One of the quickest and most delicious ways to safely lose weight.”

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    Epicurious: The Best-Tasting Diet-Plan Meals

    Carolina Santos-Neves
    “In a blind taste test, judges compared the flavor, consistency, and appearance of eight types of poultry-based diet delivery dinner entrées.” Diet-to-Go came out on top.

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    NextAdvisor: Diet-to-Go Review

    Diet-to-Go “does offer convenient, fresh and healthy foods as compared to shelf-stable prepackaged food plans. The plan customization interface makes it easy to get the diet you want, and it has the simplest cancellation and plan customization we've seen.”

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    Nutrition Twins: Diet-to-Go Meals Review

    Adrian Hernandez
    “This week long meal system definitely helped give me a break from cooking so much so I had more time to myself as well as my studies. If you are looking for something that will be quick and easy to help simplify your life,) I would recommend Diet-To-Go!

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    Washington Post: Fresh diet meals offer alternative to frozen, shelf-stable

    Maggie Fazeli Fard
    “Okay for lunch, portion-wise. Best thing: BBQ sauce. . . Salad: Like yard clippings in a very colorful neighborhood.”

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    Be Well Philly: Nutrisystem vs. Diet-to-Go vs. Jenny Craig: Which Meal-Delivery Diet Tastes Best?

    Justin Krajeski
    “Who came out on top? Diet-to-Go came in first, with feedback noting its “excellent consistency and good flavor.”

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    Author: Caitlin H
    Diet-to-Go Community Manager

    Caitlin is the Diet-to-Go community manager and an avid runner. She is passionate about engaging with others online and maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle. She believes moderation is key, and people will have the most weight loss success if they engage in common-sense healthy eating and fitness.


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