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  1. Pinterest Top 10 - Week of Feb. 25

    From healthy eating, to fun fitness routines, to motivation you won't find anywhere else, we want to share some pins we love. Each week, we will select the Pinterest top 10 pins of the week and share them, from our hearts to yours.

    This week is Kid’s Week, and we’re showing you some great stuff the kids will love too. You’ll also find some great information to help you ensure that your kids stay active and receive the proper nutrition. Sit down and take a look together.

    1. Healthy Snacks

    We all know eating a healthy afternoon snack is often a necessity to get us to the next meal. But what about giving our little ones something to munch on too? This can be tough, as it’s extremely tempting to want to reach for a bag of chips or a cookie. Instead, give your kids a couple whole wheat crackers and some string cheese. It’s a healthy alternative they’ll love that you can feel good about giving them. For more healthy snack ideas, check out our Healthy Snacks Board.

    2. Healthy Recipe

    We’re loving both the look and feel of this scrumptious recipe from Chef Alli Sonsa. Kid-powered chicken tacos are a great way to get the kids engaged in making their own healthy, delicious meals. It’s easy, affordable and a great way to make everyone in the family excited to sit down for dinner. For more healthy recipes, check out our Recipe Board.

    Source: via Diet-to-Go on Pinterest

    3. Food Fun

    This may be one of the cutest dang things ever, especially if you’re throwing an “under-the-sea” themed birthday party for your kiddo. It makes the perfect, healthy dip for your guests to enjoy, and it’s fun to look at too! For more fun food options, check out our Food Fun Board.



    4. Food Humor

    We’ve all been there. Our little one comes running into our bedroom asking for help with something. You sigh and head to the kitchen and see this is the result of our child’s honest attempt at breaking the bonds of codependency. Pretty darn cute, that’s for sure. For more food humor, check out our Food Humor Board.


    5. Random Goodness

    It doesn’t matter that the dog is more than twice her size. She seems happy enough, and the dog still knows who’s boss. For more random goodness, check out our Random Goodness Board.

    Source: via Diet-to-Go on Pinterest

    6. Health Information

    Giving kids the proper proportions of fruits and veggies relative to other types of foods is a challenge all parents face. How do you know if your kids are getting the right amount of vegetables and fruits? It’s easy to offer them a bowl of mac-and-cheese, but make sure you’ll offering them an even bigger bowl of cucumbers and carrots to go with it. Try and encourage your kiddos to munch on the veggies and fruits before the rest of their meal. Better they fill up on the healthy stuff first! For further health information we love, check out our Health Information Board.


    7. Fitness Routine

    Getting kids active should be pretty easy. They’re natural balls of energy, running around, screaming, laughing and playing. So why not make fitness into an even more exciting activity for them? Place this chart on the wall and denote points to each activity your kid does. When they earn enough points, reward them with a new toy, a movie or a trip to the zoo. For more fitness routines, check out our Fitness Board.


    8. Fitness Information

    Here’s a fun, simple chart that you can look at to ensure your child is doing everything they need to lead a happy, wholesome, healthy life. Kids who eat nutritional food and stay active are more likely to be happier, learn easier and enjoy life to the fullest. For further fitness information, check out our Fitness Board.

    9. Motivation

    Let’s face it, if your kids are old enough, getting them to do their chores and healthy activities (such as walking the dog) can be a daily challenge. So here’s a great way to make sure they’re doing what they need to be to ensure they learn responsibility and get active. For further motivation, check out our Motivational Board.

    10. Nutritional Information

    You know that kids need 5 servings of fruits and veggies a day. But what does a serving look like? Another tough challenge a lot of parents face is getting down proper portion sizes. Here’s a great visual to help you understand how much you should be giving your kids to meet their nutritional needs. For more nutritional information we love, check out our Nutritional Information Board.


    Author: Caitlin H
    Diet-to-Go Community Manager

    Caitlin is a journalist by trade and an avid runner. She is passionate about maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle and encouraging people to engage in common-sense eating. Caitlin believes a well-rounded life is all about balancing fitness with nutrition that incorporates all aspects of food and proper portion-sizes.

    Follow Caitlin on Twitter @CaitlinHendee.  

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