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  1. I've Lost 11.4 pounds in 2 Weeks: Loving this Low-Fat Meal Plan!

    Those of you who have been following my blog posts for any length of time are probably tired of me raving about Diet-to-Go food -- and the weight loss I enjoy when I seriously follow the 1,600-calorie low-fat meal plan.

    Well, get ready because I am here again today to tell you after two weeks on this plan I am down a nifty 11.4 pounds. At my weekly weigh-in this morning, I saw my trusty Weight Watchers scale roll back another 3.6 pounds from last week's total.

    I am still overweight but I am feeling lighter and more energetic... and my pants are fitting MUCH BETTER than just two weeks ago!

    And this is all good since I am heading to the Orlando-area of Florida next Thursday for theme park hopping and seashore strolling!

    While I have been eating the delicious Diet-to-Go meals for months now, I only got serious two weeks ago when I announced my special pre-vacation three-week slimdown.

    My goal was 15 pounds. All I need to lose is another 3.6 pounds this week and it's in the bag!

    Diet-to-Go makes dieting so easy. They offer three meals plans -- Balance, Carb30 and Vegetarian -- and they offer five weeks of menus for each.

    I first tasted Diet-to-Go food 10 years ago; I still love the stuff.

    And I still enjoy meeting my FedEx man at the door every Tuesday morning when he brings my cooler of food -- all 21 meals and extras. I don't have to think about meal planning or find the time for food shopping and cooking. And I don't have to count points or calories.

    All I have to do is to eat great and lose weight!!!

    Okay, so enough gloating. Let me leave you with my five favorite meals of the previous week... and then I can turn my full attention to my Omelet Pomodoro with Sicilian Asparagus Cuts breakfast!

    1. Harissa Salmon w/Mandarin Orange Cous Cous & Mediterranean Veggies
    2. Egg Quesadilla w/Potato Cake & Citrus Cup
    3. Italian Meatball on Fettucini w/Pomodoro Sauce & Veggie Blend
    4. Turkey Ham Salad on a Pretzel Roll w/Lentil Chili
    5. Szechuan Turkey Burger on Multi-Grain Roll w/Beet & Carrot Salad

    Author: John McGran

    Archived posts 2010
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