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  1. Eat Chocolate, Lose Weight

    Finish the following sentence: "Kids, don't have sugar before dinner because ____________!" Did you say because it'll ruin your appetite? What a great diet tool! Most people get this right, regardless of where they're from on this planet. It's a universal truth, and now I know why. Sugar does, in fact, kill the appetite. Sometimes, having a small piece of chocolate 20 minutes before eating makes us eat less. Those few calories might actually save thousands! What a tasty delight. There's a fantastic biological explanation. Sugar, upon entering the mouth, cues digestion because of the...

  2. Sweet News About Sugar

    Higher levels of sugar are okay… when the sugar sources are natural! But just to be on the safe side, we asked our food sleuths to put the spotlight on sugar – check out what they found. When it comes to added sugar versus natural sugar, there is a very important distinction. First, sugar that occurs naturally in a food generally comes packaged with vitamins, minerals, and fiber…or all three. Meanwhile, added sugar contributes calories but no nutrients, so it’s smart to avoid foods that contain a lot of it....

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