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  1. I'm Fat, I'm Angry & I'm Not Gonna Take it Anymore!

    Over the past few weeks, I've come to a major realization -- I am too fat and much too angry to continue in the direction I'm headed. And I badly need to get back on track towards a healthier weight.

    I was doing great late last year. I was following the Diet-to-Go Balance meal plan and losing weight while eating great. I lost 15 pounds before my Florida vacation.

    But then I began to sabotage my diet and self-destruct.

    When I started drinking full-strength Pepsi again last week, I knew I had hit soda-on-the-rocks bottom. It was time to throw my gear shift into reverse and get out of this mess before I got too far in.

    This past Monday I plunged into a low-carb eating plan -- so far so good. I weighed myself before I began and I will share my starting weight with you all after I do my one-week weigh-in.

    I can tell you I started at my all-time high weight. And that sickens me and angers me... and inspires me.

    This coming Monday, as I start my second week of dieting, I will make time for fitness.

    Friends, I have seen the enemy and it is me.

    You know you are too heavy when you start spending way too much time trying to find something to wear. I am down to a few pieces of clothing that I can actually feel comfy in -- and that's just not right.

    You know you are unhappy with yourself when you start finding fault in others... a lot. I scream at other drivers for being idiots. I yell at kids for silly things. I argue with my wife over everything.

    You've heard the term "an angry drunk?" Well, thanks to this roll around my gut and this ever-present feeling of frustration, I have become AN ANGRY CHUNK!

    After all, I am the guy who works for a diet company. I am the guy who writes about healthy dieting for a living. I am the guy who should (and does) know better than to wolf down oversized servings of food and drink.

    But as I sit here in front of you today, I am here to tell you I am also the guy who is changing his ways.

    Wish me well and watch for my updates on this website as well as on facebook and Twitter. Hey, when I do things I do them big time!

    If you want to hit fall feeling lighter and better about yourself, then get started today. We can be dieting buddies!

    Author: John McGran

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