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  1. Foods We Love to Hate: A Facebook Page Special

    If you haven't been following Diet-to-Go's Facebook page, you missed yesterday's rousing discussion on the three foods we love to hate.

    See if your most-hated foods made anyone else's list, then chime in below or on our Facebook page.

    This is how the thread got started.

    "Diet-to-Go user Inky Wine stated below that she's a '3-B food hater - brussell sprouts, beets and bananas. ' My least favorite foods are olives, sauerkraut and artichokes. So let's start a thread here -- what are your 3 least favorite foods?"

    Cynthia Parrott Well... as a Vegan any and all meat and animal products (of course), I detest baked sweet potatoes (YUCK) but I love them boiled or roasted, and peas! I can't stand peas unless they are with those little pearl onions in cream sauce which I never eat because I don't do dairy... LOL!

    Shelly Isbell Willmann tuna, tuna ... and ... tuna

    Sue Smith Okra, anchovies, sardines... Yuck!

    Leigh Ann Hildebrand Cauliflower is one of them, I'm pretty sure. And mustard and yogurt. Do condiments count? If not, sauerkraut is right up there too.

    Denise Jake Freeman Hummus, anything moldy, anything with an expiration date over 2 months ago. I like nearly everything.

    Barkshire Woods I'll eat everything Inky hates. But gotta agree with Sue.

    Jacqueline Crisci Beets,scallops and pickles.

    Sue Blades Iles Capers, Brussels Sprouts, and oysters. Blech!

    Barkshire Woods Yup, I'll even eat what Sue Blades hates. But can't stand things like pickled pigs feet, gefilte fish in brine, anchovies, sardines... it's the really odd meats that I can't stomach. I'll even eat okra if its mixed with other veggies although not plain.

    Mary L Colson No shellfish I'm allergic and the thought of shrimp as a filter is disgusting. Also no to anchovies and sardines, chicken livers or gizzards.

    Christina Everman Childs Olives, beets, and capers

    Lori Van Decker hard boiled eggs, gefilte fish, anchovies, sardines, pigs feet, frogs legs, liver.

    MaeAnn Harry Shebosky my 3 hates would be sardines, olives and sauerkraut (can't even stand the smell of that stuff let alone the taste!!)

    Gina Anthony Oysters, clams, and anchovies

    Marina Podcasinskaja Fat pork or pork fat!!!! Beef steak, melted cheese. I have seen people eat pig kidneys, omg, it smells like urine, brrr. I hate animal flesh fat. Chicken skin, bacon, just thinking about it makes me sick. Lol what a funny thread.

    Marina Podcasinskaja How about chicken feet? They say those make the best chicken broth. Oh, my father loves fish brain. Omg, he boils fish heads and eats the inside. :D

    Lori Van Decker I was in a dim sum restaurant once where the guy next to me ordered the chicken feet but he didn't realize what they really were. All of a sudden, he freaked out, yelling "it's the feet of chicken, OMG!" Six feet lined up on a little plate. ;)

    Destiny Boswell Oranges, raw tuna and ham

    Sue Smith Anything on Fear Factor. GAG!

    Deborah Connor eggplant, spearmint, sausage.

    Inky Wine these are great! (also i'm glad i waited to read them AFTER i ate dinner)

    Diet-to-Go I am gonna turn this thread into a blog for tomorrow! Thanks to everyone who has contributed. Coming up next in a day or so: our three favorite foods!

    Author: John McGran

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