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  1. Facebook Free Food Winner: Texas Teacher Gives Diet-to-Go an A+

    Diet-to-Go really made the grade with Paula Waters, the lucky winner of our recent "free week of food" giveaway.

    Paula, a teacher in Arlington, Texas, was so pleased with the quality and taste of the 1,600-calorie low-fat meal plan she chose after being randomly selected after we reached 2,500 fans on Facebook, she's now a paying customer!

    We'll be giving away another free week of food when 3,000 health-conscious folks click the "Like" button on our Facebook page.

    As I write this, that number reads 2,724.

    So, tell your friends to go to and "Like" our page!

    The faster we get to 3,000 fans, the faster you have a chance to be randomly selected for a free week of low-fat or vegetarian meals!

    That's 3 meals a day for all 7 days... a $120 value!

    So Paula, tell us a little about your experience as the third winner of our Facebook giveaways...

    What was your first reaction when Diet-to-Go contacted you about being winner of a free week of our food?

    I was a little skeptical but what really sold me was that I didn't have to give a credit card number. I thought, "why not try it?"


    What was your reaction when the food arrived via FedEx and you began to sort through it?

    I love that everything was included -- from condiments to fruit to bread. Nothing to buy at the store!


    Which meal plan did you choose and what foods were your favorite?

    I chose the low-fat 1,600-calorie plan. I was surprised that there was so much food. Several meals had so much meat that I couldn't eat it all!

    The difference in Diet-to-Go and grocery store frozen meals is the freshness and quality (it's real food) and the quantity of protein.

    It's hard to pick a favorite but I really loved the Mushroom and Leek Strata breakfast. I could eat it every day.


    What are your thoughts now about Diet-to-Go?

    I really enjoyed the food and the convenience of it having it delivered with everything included.

    I had tried another meal delivery company and dreaded mealtime because the food was less than desirable. I found myself with Diet-to-Go looking forward to each meal because the food was great!


    Would you use the diet... and would you recommend it to friends?

    Well, I already ordered week two. :)


    Thank you Paula! And best of luck with your healthy and delicious Diet-to-Go meal plan.

    Author: John McGran

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