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  1. 3 Fun, Effective Outdoor Workouts

  2. Best Thigh-Slimming Exercises

    I’ve put together three moves that can help tone your thighs. Be sure to follow a proper diet to get maximum effect. 1. Ball Bridge Lie supine with head and shoulders on a physio ball, stomach drawn in, glutes tight, knees and feet hip-width apart, with a band around your knees. (Knees should form a 90-degree angle and feet pointed straight ahead). Drop the hips toward the floor and back up again to start position, squeezing the glutes. Make sure not to arch the back in the top position. Repeat for 15-20 reps, three sets, and a...

  3. Tighter Abs: What Works, What Won't

  4. Weights or Cardio: What Works Best?

    Special for Diet-to-Go Weights vs. Cardio -- which works best for burning more fat and calories? Hmm… good question. Let me just start out by saying that they both serve their purpose and have their exclusive benefits. The real question is, “What are your goals?” Coming to terms with what you’re trying to accomplish is really what determines which modality best serves you. Ideally I would say training with weights and doing cardio is your best bet to achieve overall fitness. They namely target different systems. Cardiovascular exercise strengthens the lungs, vessels and heart, while weight training uses...

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