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  1. Diet Got You Bored? 10 Changes You Need to Make

    Your diet…when it was all shiny and new, things were going great! But now that the initial excitement has faded a bit, or after months of repetition, you’re just plain bored. No worries. It happens to the best of us. Don’t throw in the towel! Try these changes to reinvigorate your efforts and bring new zest to your healthy lifestyle!

    1. Use Your New Found Free Time for Something Fun!

    When you are enjoying Diet-to-Go meals, you’re also enjoying NOT shopping, NOT prepping, and NOT cooking! That’s some new found free time – and while you could use it to do laundry or organize your closet (boo), why not use that time to reward yourself for the healthy choices you made! Attend a painting class with friends, go flea marketing while everyone else is food-shopping, or take a refreshing walk!

    2. Change Your Menu

    We have three yummy menus from which to choose! Try sampling another menu to spice things up. New dishes and flavors and different combinations of foods may be just what the doctor ordered to bust your diet boredom – and you may even find that another of our menus gives you even better results! Give us a call if you want advice on which to choose.

    3. Swap an Old Tired Snack for a New One

    In the first weeks and months of a diet we pretty quickly discover our favorite go-to foods or snacks. We like them, we know they fit our calorie budget and they are convenient and reliable. But who wants to eat the same thing every day? Choose a new snack to replace your old reliable one with and your taste buds will thank you! Want snack ideas? Get ‘em here.

    4. Add Exercise

    If you haven’t added exercise to your routine, try it out! Not only does exercise help lift your mood and give you something new and different to look forward to, research shows that healthy eating combined with regular exercise is the most successful and most efficient way to control weight. Nice! So while you are saying good-bye to your diet rut, you may be saying hello to a nice boost in weight-loss!

    5. Change Your Routine

    Whatever you have been doing, switch it up! If you are exercising, consider swapping the time of day. Find a new time to get up from your desk and stretch your legs –anything! If you’ve been doing the very same thing every day/week, find any opportunity to mix things up and take it.

    6. Diet-to-Go with a Buddy

    Friends not only make dieting easier and more enjoyable, but research has shown that they can actually help you be more successful in reaching your goals! So share your journey and together you can share success. If you want to enlist a friend, be sure to take advantage of our referral reward.

    7. Have Some Fun with Your Meals

    Be sure you’re checking the weekly menu and taking advantage of new meals when they become available. Get adventurous and try a dish you've been habitually substituting or have dinner for lunch and lunch for dinner, or even breakfast for dinner.

    8. Try a New Activity

    Healthy living is not supposed to be boring. If you’ve never been an exerciser, outdoorsman, or healthy foodie before, you’d be amazed at the many activities, groups and events you can enjoy within your community that support your new healthy lifestyle. Try a new sport, take yoga or tai chi. Take up food-to- table gardening or volunteer at the local farmer’s market. Immerse yourself in healthy-living culture – it’s great fun!

    9. Start Journaling

    Keeping a daily diet diary is a great way to see what works for you and what doesn’t. Don’t forget to chart your mood to identify what makes you happy and what gives you energy versus what depletes and depresses you. Once you’ve identified whatever it is that makes you radiate with joy and experience the most success – make it a priority to do more of it!

    10. Book a 15-Minute Call with a Health Coach and Pick Our Brain!

    There’s no need to struggle in a rut when expert advice and experience is only a phone call or email away. We have the experience of over 25 years helping people just like you reach their goals. Don’t let boredom be an excuse to give up on yours! Pick up the phone and let us know your challenges and we can work together to overcome them.

    Author: Chrissy Doremus

    Chrissy is a Diet-to-Go editor and contributor. She is enthusiastically raising a whole-food-loving family in the suburbs of NYC with her husband, where her guilty pleasures include Pinterest and half-baked brownies (preferably together). When it comes to fitness, she simply likes to move often and lift heavy things, but has been known to stop mid-workout to pop into a Zumba class when she hears her favorite song - because healthy living should be FUN!


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