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  1. 7 Questions with Weight Loss Expert Dr. Aaron Tabor

    After graduating from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Dr. Aaron Tabor devoted his career to helping people live a life they love.

    Dr. Tabor, who educates other doctors about diet and lifestyle research as the Diet & Alternative Medicine section editor for The Journal of Medicine, is here today to educate us about leading a healthy lifestyle.

    Last week, Dr. Tabor took time out from his super busy schedule -- and from preparing for a September 12th appearance on QVC -- to answer a few questions about weight loss and to discuss where America has gone wrong healthwise.

    7 Questions with Dr. Aaron Tabor

    Diet-to-Go: You say being healthy doesn't have to be a drag when you indulge in fun and delicious products. We couldn't agree more, but what's inherently wrong with the way we eat?

    Dr. Aaron Tabor: There are many things wrong with the today's typical diet. To start with: serving sizes have continued to increase year after year and it has been ingrained in us to clean our plates, so we end up simply eating way more food than our bodies actually require.

    We also eat way too many energy-dense foods, which are high in energy and generally low in nutrient value. And we do not eat enough nutrient-rich foods like fruits and vegetables.

    So while we ingest more calories than we need, we often find that we are nutritionally deprived.


    DTG: As a follow-up, why are so many men, women and children overweight or obese?

    AT: Because we eat too much food by consuming inappropriate serving sizes and too many calories. Particularly through energy-dense foods, we end up consuming many more calories than we need.

    The other aspect of this is that as a population we have become way to sedentary. Part of this reflects the fact that many of us work in sedentary jobs, which provide little opportunity to be physically active.

    When we do have the time to be physically active, we often choose to pursue other sedentary recreational activities such as watching television.


    DTG: So, what are the first steps someone should take to get their life back on the right track?

    AT: We all need to become more conscious of our food choices. Increasing our knowledge and awareness of what constitutes healthy food is an important step in the right direction. Learning to read and understand nutrition labels can be a good way to start choosing healthier options.

    For many of us, a structured eating and exercise plan is a good first step towards learning healthier lifestyle habits. Without some initial structure, it can often be quite difficult to wean ourselves off our current unhealthy habits.


    DTG: You've been involved in the field of health and wellness for many years now -- how have you seen the American lifestyle change for the better and for the worse?

    AT: The American lifestyle has definitely changed over the years. It seems like we as a whole feel more entitled than ever before. We seem to believe that many things should simply be handed to us rather than working for it and if we don't get what we desire nearly instantly we seem ready to move on to the next great thing.

    This attitude extends to the health and wellness field as well, particularly in regards to weight management. While I think we all know deep down that maintaining a healthy weight and a healthy lifestyle takes time and hard work, we still look for the next best quick fix.

    Despite this, I think we are starting to see a real concerted effort towards developing healthier lifestyles. Government agencies and food industry members seem to be realizing that many consumers really do want healthier food options and are striving to make these options a reality.


    DTG: What are you currently working on to help reverse this terrifying obesity trend?

    I have a taken a two-pronged approach that combines both education and action.

    The action part of this approach was the development of my clinically tested, easy-to-follow weight loss plan that anyone can successfully follow. My diet plan is based on solid science that lowers your daily calorie intake while burning more calories with physical activity. My advanced protein-antioxidant science satisfies hunger and nourishes skin, hair and nails.

    From an educational aspect, I write a diet and nutrition blog where I try to keep my readers up to date with breaking news in the fields of nutrition, diet and obesity. I believe that without knowing the importance of maintaining a healthy body weight throughout life, it is difficult for anyone to set and attain the appropriate goals.


    DTG: What prompted you to enter this field -- any personal issues with weight or perhaps a loved one?

    AT: My mom's transition through midlife was clearly my inspiration for entering this area of health and wellness.

    As I studied a solution for my mom's "midlife meltdown," including her weight gain and deepening wrinkle appearance, I was amazed at the complicated, unproven diet plans being pushed in the marketplace. I was disturbed to learn that most popular diets were created by good marketing, not good science.

    I decided to do something about it by creating my easy Slim & Beautiful Diet. It is absolutely delicious and clinically tested to work.


    DTG: When we do lose weight, why do we fail to keep it off? Any tricks or secrets for enjoying long-lasting weight loss?

    AT: I think we fail to keep off the weight we lose for many reasons.

    Life is full of challenges and various stresses and, when faced we these situations, it is very easy for us to fall back into old, comfortable habits... even unhealthy ones.

    Unhealthy eating habits, like most habits, are very difficult to break and easy to slip back into when faced with stressful situations. While most of us probably don't want to hear it, long-lasting weight loss takes work. We have to develop healthier eating and exercise habits and commit to them for life.

    Dr. Tabor's diet products are available at and at

    Author: John McGran

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