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  1. 25 Fantastic Non-Food Diet Rewards

    25 Fantastic Non-Food Rewards for Losing Weight

    One of the best ways to motivate yourself along the way to your goal is with awesome rewards! But it doesn't make much sense to reward yourself for avoiding splurges like ice cream by celebrating over a pint of brownie batter, does it? (This is the part where you enthusiastically agree - I know <groan>).

    While brownie batter is not a great reward for sticking to your plan (boo), THESE ARE! Dish out one of these fantastic, Diet-to-Go-approved, non-food rewards for reaching your next milestone.

    Great Rewards for Milestone Victories
    1. Get a Pedicure - Treat yourself to a different kind of indulgence. Enjoy a spa treatment or a massage.

    2. Go Shopping for Something New - Having to buy new clothes as a result of weight-loss is a great problem to have, as they say! Treat yourself to something that makes you feel great.

    3. Take a Selfie - Celebrate your progress by sharing a milestone picture! Not only will it make you feel proud, but with all your friends rooting you on, it's motivation to make it to the next milestone!

    4. Get a New 'Do – Give yourself a mini-makeover and self-esteem boost with a great new hair-cut.

    5. Get New Workout Gear - Instead of getting nice new fitness gear when you first begin a plan or join a gym, use it as motivation to establish your new habit. After a full month commitment to your new routine, treat yourself to some new clothing or sneakers.

    6. Celebrate with Friends - Plan a special day/night out with friends - but not for dinner, drinks or dessert. Instead, plan to do something you love like painting, dancing, shopping, flea marketing, seeing a band, or going to a comedy night.

    7. Be a Charmer – Like jewelry? Get yourself a charm bracelet and add a charm for every milestone. Not only will it be your reward, but if you wear it daily, it can be a great reminder and motivation for the next milestone as well!

    8. Enjoy Some "Me" Time - Wouldn't it be nice to just curl up with your favorite book, trashy mag, or indulgent TV program, completely guilt-free? Pick your guilty pleasure of choice (or a few) and just do it - you've been working hard. You deserve it.

    9. Try Something New – Reward yourself by using the free time you’ve gained from not having to prep and cook, to do something fun instead. Think of something you've always wanted to try and sign up! Take guitar lessons, a dancing class, try Tai Chi –whatever you can dream up!

    10. Invest in Fitness Tech – Once you’ve made a milestone commitment to your exercise routine, treat yourself to that FitBit or heart rate monitor you’ve been wanting. 

    11. Be a Tourist - Try out the best tourist attractions in your own area! Visit a museum, landmark or architectural attraction in your neck of the woods and take the time to enjoy it.

    12. Treat Yourself to a Kitchen Gadget - Make healthy living easy and fun! Buy kitchen helpers like a spiralizer, smoothie blender, new knives, or an awesome veggie peeler to replace the one you can't stand to use! 

    13. Purchase Personal Training - If you are rewarding yourself for exercise milestones, you might make a gym membership or personal training sessions your prize.

    14. Make a Getaway - Plan a mini trip with a friend or loved one. Spend the weekend at the beach, at a bed and breakfast or a local attraction and soak in the sights and sounds of a delightful change of scenery.

    15. Pamper Yourself - Give yourself the gift of a luxury service like house cleaning, grocery delivery, or lawn care. Hate to cook? Up your Diet-to-Go meals from 2 meals to 3 or include weekends if you weren't previously!

    16. Try a New Workout - Maybe you are working hard with a consistent workout routine. Give yourself permission to do whatever you want for exercise today - take a class, go dancing, take a scenic walk and don't worry about how many calories it will burn - just enjoy yourself.

    17. Sleep! – Give yourself permission to take a nap in the middle of the day or sleep ‘til noon. Sleep is healthy anyway, so it’s a win-win!

    18. Take a Fun Workout Class – We don’t always have the money to sign up for fitness classes, but reaching a milestone is a great reason to splurge on an awesome yoga workshop or some fun Zumba classes. 

    19. See a Game – Cheer yourself along by cheering for your favorite sports team, in person! Make “a ticket to the big game” your next big reward.

    20. Take a Day Off – If you are able, make playing hooky from work your next treat. Spend your day doing all the things you wish you could do when sitting at your desk each day. Keep a running list of ideas while you work to reach your goal. 

    21. Burn your bra – Collect all your too big clothes and dish them out to charity, friends, and heck, have a bonfire! Kiss them and that weight permanently good-bye!

    22. Buy something frivolous – Buy something you just love without guilt – a ring for your new slender fingers, a cute dress, sexy underwear, a new dapper suit, or your favorite sports player jersey.

    23. Do Something You Couldn't or Didn't Want To Do Before - Get a family portrait, run a 5K, take dancing classes, go hiking, ride a roller coaster, go on a plane without a seat extender (on your way to an awesome trip!), shop in the regular department store section - whatever it is, DO IT - and totally rock it! Relish in the positive changes your choices have brought to your life.

    Save These MEGA Rewards for BIG Wins!


    24. Get a New Wardrobe - Nothing fits? GREAT! Replace your tired, baggy digs and treat yourself to a shopping spree. Bring a friend or two so you can try on clothes runway style and show off your progress to your loved ones.

    25. Take a Luxurious Trip - New York City, Hollywood, Paris - go someplace where you've always wanted to go! Get brochures and keep your prize materials in site for constant motivation to earn your trip.

    Whatever reward you choose, it should be something that energizes and uplifts you, or one that allows you to take something that depresses and drains you and kiss it GOOD-BYE! Congrats on your success!

    Author: Chrissy Doremus

    Chrissy is a Diet-to-Go editor and contributor. She is enthusiastically raising a whole-food-loving family in the suburbs of NYC with her husband, where her guilty pleasures include Pinterest and half-baked brownies (preferably together). When it comes to fitness, she simply likes to move often and lift heavy things, but has been known to stop mid-workout to pop into a Zumba class when she hears her favorite song - because healthy living should be FUN!


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