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  1. 15 Health and Wellness Experts You Should Be following on Twitter

    You may not immediately think of Twitter as a place you go to for information about health, wellness, and fitness; but why not? Today, as more people are constantly on the go with smartphones in hand, tweeting is a great way to share bite-sized morsels of information for the masses. (And you’d better be brief; at just 140 characters, Twitter doesn’t allow rambling.)

    These top fifteen health, wellness, fitness and nutrition specialists are people that fill all sorts of niches on the path towards a better you; some championing for specific eating styles or fitness regimens, some sharing common sense nutrition, some just fostering a great sense of community. Check them out to see why we recommend you follow these people on Twitter, and tweet at us @diettogo to tell us who makes up your “must follow” list. 

    1) Dr. Oz, @DrOz

    Dr. Oz rose to fame as Oprah’s resident doctor, and now this cardiologist has his own show. His useful tweets include things like his top 20 uses for Epsom salts and recipes for infused waters to help beat bloat.

    2) Robb Wolf, @RobbWolf

    Having a cool last name isn’t the only thing this caveman has going for him; he’s one of the founders of the Paleo movement. His tweets are packed full of info about the Paleo lifestyle, including retweets of fan followers who’ve had success on the plan.  

    3) Leah Segedie, @bookieboo

    Segedie is the creator of Mamavation, a women’s health and wellness network in addition to the BookieBoo network. Her passionate work in advocating for more awareness and action against genetically modified foods is admirable – watch her account for fun Twitter parties with partners like the Mushroom Council and Stonyfield Organic Yogurts.  


    4) Steve Kamb, @SteveKamb

    Steve Kamb calls himself the ‘Rebel Leader of Nerd Fitness’. His contagious passion for helping others "level up" their lives is not only inspiring, it’s funny, too. If you like the idea of getting healthy with a side of nerdy, follow Steve. 

    5) Kelly Olexa, @kellyolexa

    The founder of Fitfluential keeps an active Twitter feed, almost as active as her fitness-filled life. From selfies that will make you smile to her latest workout DVD recommendations, Olexa’s tweets are RT-worthy. 

    6) Kasey Arena, @PowerCakes

    In search of clean eats that are drool-worthy? You’ll find them on PowerCakes’ feed. Kasey creates yummy meals out of wholesome ingredients, whipping things like chia seeds and spirulina into delicious, filling treats. Her positivity and optimism shine in just 140 characters.


    7) Emily Sanford, @AuthEmmie

    This healthy-living and plus-size fashion blogger rocks her tweets with an honesty that’s hard to find in the sometimes seemingly perfect world of social media. She shares #TransparentTuesday posts, and real, intimate thoughts about the challenging but rewarding path to optimum health. She also highlights the crème de la crème of plus-sized fashion – from runway ready to casually comfy.


    8) Carla Birnberg, @carla_birnberg

    As a self-described ‘Self Esteem Ninja’, Carla’s thoughtful anecdotes on life will make you stop and think about just why you’re embarking on this whole healthy-living thing. Her #wycwyc hashtag founded with @RoniNoone is based on doing what you can, when you can, and throwing out the idea of perfection. 


    9) Roni Noone, @RoniNoone

    This healthy-living powerhouse founded the FitBloggin conference, created Green Light Bites, has maintained a 70 pound weight loss, and shares clever gems like this to help you navigate your way through a healthy kitchen.

    10) Jillian Michaels, @jillianmichaels

    Most people say they hate Jillian Michaels, and usually it’s for good reason; after a butt-kicking workout via her epic line of fitness DVDs. Despite her tough-guy attitude during training (it’s for the greater good!), Michaels’ tweets are motivational, uplifting, and usually, a good reminder to get off the couch. 


    11) Amer ‘The Hammer”, @amerthehammer

    Amer is a personal trainer who tweets not only useful fitness tips like the one below, but reflections on the inner-balance necessary towards achieving a health mind and healthy body. Watch for his introspective ideas on what true health really means. 

    12) Michael Pollan, @michaelpollan

    Pollan is the author of The Omnivore’s Dilemma, Food Rules, Cooked, and many more. His real-food-focused tweets bring about the top science and health news related to nutrition, and his intellectual insights into the ways we interact with what we eat is truly food for thought. 


    13) Shauna Ahern, @glutenfreegirl

    If gluten is your enemy, you’ll want to follow Shauna. Her gorgeous food photos, like this recent one of a slice of a dutch baby, will make you think “No gluten? Who cares?!”.  


    14) Jamie Oliver, @jamieoliver

    Do you like your healthy recipes delivered with a side of British charm? Of course you do – who doesn’t? Jamie Oliver tweets mouthwatering recipes and musings on his every day life. His food advocacy is inspiring, as he fights to make healthier meals more accessible for all. 

    15) Cynthia Sass, @cynthiasass

    Sass is a sports nutritionist for the New York Rangers and Tampa Bay Rays, in addition to a best selling author. She tweets relevant but amusing articles about health and nutrition, like the one shown below about preventing “hanger” (anger caused by hunger.)

    Who would you add to this list? Tell us in the comments below! 


    Author: Alyssa Curran
    Alyssa Curran does social media by day and tweets pictures of her cats and food by night. When she’s not hanging out on social media, she’s writing on the Double Chin Diary, buying nail polish, or perpetually trying to get in shape.

    Follow Alyssa @lyssacurran or @doublechindiary, or on Facebook here


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