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  1. 10 Healthy New York Restaurants You HAVE to Try

    10 Best Healthy NY Restaurants

    One of the most beautiful things about the Big Apple is the fact that you can get anywhere with a quick walk or train ride.

    And that means a trip to a healthy restaurant could be just a subway ride away.

    But with all the thousands of places to eat in New York, which spots are the best of the best to chow down for a night out, without going overboard on the calorie-counts?

    As part of our ongoing series exploring the metros where Diet-to-Go offers fresh local pickup, this week we’re headed to New York City.

    Read on for the top 10 healthy restaurants in the City that Never Sleeps.


    10 Healthy NY Restaurants - Siggy's Good Food1) Siggy’s Good Food. 292 Elizabeth St., Btw Houston & Bleecker. Manhattan.

    Siggy’s Good Food serves up American comfort — which immediately begs the question, “wait, how is THAT healthy?” It comes down to the way Siggy’s prepares each meal, and the fact that it uses 100 percent organic, locally-grown ingredients. And beyond that, Siggy makes sure that every dish is made from scratch every day and cooked without things like thickeners and butter that add excess calories.

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    10 Healthy NY Restaurants - Pokeworks2) Pokéworks. 63 W 37th St., Midtown.

    First thing’s first: No relation to Pokémon. Poké is, in fact, a traditional Hawaiian dish that mixes marinated, raw fish with salad or rice. Not only is it mouth-watering good, it’s also made with all-natural ingredients and sustainably sourced fish. Sample the Umami classic bowl, made with ahi tuna, or go wild with the spicy ponzu albacore bowl. It will blow your socks off.

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    10 Healthy NY Restaurants - The Butcher's Daughter3) The Butcher’s Daughter. 19 Kenmare St., West Village.

    The butcher chops up meat. But his daughter? She prefers to dice the veggies instead. They say it best on their website: “We chop, fillet and carve fresh produce into healthy vegetarian dishes and press them into pretty juices.” And do they ever! Perfect for a meatless Monday outing or just because, once you go to The Butcher’s Daughter, you’ll wonder what the heck took you so long.

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    10 Healthy NY Restaurants - Souen4) Souen. 210 Sixth Ave at Prince St., Soho. 26 East 6th Street, East Village.

    Souen describes itself as an “organic macrobiotic restaurant.” The term “macrobiotic” refers to a traditional Japanese way of life meaning a means to live comfortably in harmony with nature. Souen has been a staple of the neighborhood since 1971, and is all about prepping food in a way that’s as natural and healthy as possible. Its menu has no refined ingredients and only uses the highest quality grains and produce. At Souen, you’ll find unique (and very tasty), mostly vegan dishes like steamed tofu, hijiki seaweed and tempura, as well as sushi, seafood and noodle dishes.

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    10 Healthy NY Restaurants - Dimes5) Dimes. 49 Canal St.

    No matter what time of day you decide to visit Dimes, you’re not going to be disappointed. It’s got seriously creative menu offerings, like spiced quinoa and pulled pork, for example, plus morning dishes like magic toast (mandarinquat + persimmon compote/goat cheese/mint) and cocktails that include a wheatgrass margarita. Your only thought is going to be, “Where have you been all my life?”

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    10 Healthy NY Restaurants - Hu Kitchen6) Hu Kitchen. 1536 Third Avenue Ave., Upper East Side. 78 Fifth Ave., Union Square.

    It’s hard to find a list of the best healthy restaurants in NYC that Hu Kitchen isn’t on. And for good reason. It’s name “Hu” is short for “human,” and is known for serving food that’s, well, good for humans. Its menu is diverse — breakfast, lunch, dinner, smoothies, juices, coffee, all with plenty of options to choose from. And as if that’s not enough, they make their own in-house chocolate, a fact that draws people from all over to partake.

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    10 Best Healthy NY Restaurants - Brushstroke7) Brushstroke. 30 Hudson St., Tribeca.

    Forget food. This Japanese restaurant’s dishes are straight artistry. The interior is enveloped in plain wood, so as not to distract you from the multi-course food journey you’re about to take. The experience at Brushstroke is meant to be a “season for the senses,” offering a unique twist on kaiseki cuisine and sushi with each dish meant to build on the flavors before it. Budget a bit more time and money for this spot, but be ready for a fun adventure into new-age Japanese cuisine.

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    10 best Healthy Restaurants in NY - Peacefood8) Peacefood Café. 41 E 11th St (at University Pl), Greenwich Village.

    Get ready to go totally vegan — and then wonder why you never tried it before. Peacefood Café’s mission is to serve food that nourishes the mind and soul, with the particular belief that peace starts on a plate. People especially rave about the chickpea fries, the vegan cheeseburger and the tempeh avocado.

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    10 Healthy NY Restaurants - Sweetgreen9) Sweetgreen. (Multiple locations).   

    Of all the best spots to eat healthy, Sweetgreen pops up on our lists again, and again, and again. That’s because, despite being a chain restaurant, it continually delights with its tasty salads — like the Winter Waldorf, Curry Chickpea and Portobello Taco, or its warm bowls — like Pesto Portobello and Shroomami, for example. Plus, look for seasonal dishes, which always use the freshest ingredients.

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    10) Cocoron. 61 Delancey St #1. 37 Kenmare St.

    You can’t go wrong with a visit to Cocoron. The “Japanese soba specialist” offers traditional noodle dishes (always cooked al dente) in a cozy atmosphere. Soba is not quite as flashy as ramen (some say it doesn’t have the same level of flavor), but it is healthier. And the good news? Cocoron breaks the typical mold and serves up dishes that are packed to the gills with spices and tastiness. If you don’t want to wait for a table, grabbing it to-go is a great option.

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    Author: Caitlin H
    Diet-to-Go Community Manager

    Caitlin is the Diet-to-Go community manager and an avid runner. She is passionate about engaging with others online and maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle. She believes moderation is key, and people will have the most weight loss success if they engage in common-sense healthy eating and fitness.


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