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  1. 10 Healthy New Jersey Restaurants You HAVE to Try

    10 Healthy NJ Restaurants You Have to Try

    Between nearby Coney Island, Seaside Heights and Boonton, the Garden State has plenty places to meander around eating pretty much anything and everything deep-fried and sugar-coated.

    But when you don’t want to sink into the depths of guilty-feeling, calorie-laden corn dogs and funnel cakes, Jersey offers plenty of delicious options in the healthy department as well.

    As part of our ongoing series exploring the metros where Diet-to-Go offers fresh local pickup, this week we’re headed to New Jersey.

    Read on for the top 10 healthy restaurants to try out there.

    10 Healthy NJ Restaurants - Healthy Urban Table1) Local Urban Kitchen. 1805 Rt. 35  |  Pt. Pleasnt Beach

    The whole “farm-to-table” eatery thing is not exactly a new concept, but Local Urban Kitchen’s plates take it to a whole new level. Specializing in Mediterranean food, the restaurant staff does everything they can to cater to each individual customer, which is actually pretty easy for them considering the diversity in its menu. Patrons can enjoy everything from paninis, to veggie burgers, to housemade hummus ann guacamole, to quinoa salads and more. Yes, we just found your next must-try lunch spot for you. (You’re welcome).

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    10 Healthy NJ Restaurants - Healthy Garden Restaurant & Gourmet Pizza
    2) Healthy Garden Restaurant & Gourmet Pizza. (Multiple Locations)

    Who says pizza can’t be healthy? The folks at Healthy Garden Restaurant & Gourmet Pizza make it so, crafting pizzas as healthy as you can get for, well, pizza. In a casual, carefree setting, sit down and get down on whole wheat-crust pizza (or avocado sandwich, or tofu scramble, or pretty much anything else you could want) that use only the freshest of ingredients. Bon appetít!

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    10 Healthy NJ Restaurants - Seasons 52

    3) Seasons 52. (Multiple Locations)

    Seasons 52 is about as perfect as it gets for the calorie-conscious. Almost every single dish has fewer than 500 calories — and we’re not talking just salads, either. Caramelized sea scallops, duck wings, chicken skewers, shrimp scampi, all on the menu. And the portion size? Generous. The trick is in the way Season 52 does its cooking, which makes the food healthier and just as satisfying as you’d find at any other joint.

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    10 Healthy NJ Restaurants - Water & Wine

    4) Water & Wine. 41 Stirling Road, Watchung

    When you’re looking for the perfect spot to celebrate a special occasion, you’ll find it at Water & Wine. This classy restaurant serves up American fare with Italian influences, and has plenty of lighter options that will leave you full satisfied and taste delicious. Plus, outside of the fancy dishes, it’s hard to beat the ambiance and 360-degree lakeside views.

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    10 Healthy NJ Restaurants - Mundo Vegan

    5) Mundo Vegan. 20 Church St., Montclair

    Go all-in on vegan food at Mundo, an upbeat cafe offering seasonal dishes like squash & potato puree, tofu scrambles and chorizo chili. Mundo Vegan uses only season ingredients, meaning their menu switches often, giving people the chance to sample a wide variety of vegetable dishes. And trust us, one sampling of their dishes and you’ll want to do just that.

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    10 Healthy NJ Restaurants - Park and Orchard

    6) Park and Orchard. 240 Hackensack St., East Rutherford

    With a name like Park and Orchard, the restaurant’s food had better be fresh and crisp, right? Luckily, the staff at Park and Orchard deliver, offering everything from vegetarian- and vegan-friendly dishes like sweet kale and goat cheese fritters, to low-carb meals like prime rib and pan seared tuna. Most of the menu options are healthy, just be sure to steer clear of things like the fried chicken and oysters.

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    10 Healthy NJ Restaurants - The Brothers Moon7) The Brothers Moon. 7 W. Broad Street, Hopewell

    Forget food. This Japanese restaurant’s dishes are straight artistry. The interior is enveloped in plain wood, so as not to distract you from the multi-course food journey you’re about to take. The experience at Brushstroke is meant to be a “season for the senses,” offering a unique twist on kaiseki cuisine and sushi with each dish meant to build on the flavors before it. Budget a bit more time and money for this spot, but be ready for a fun adventure into new-age Japanese cuisine.

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    10 Healthy NJ Restaurants - Agricola8) Agricola. 11 Witherspoon St., Princeton

    Hip and creative, Agricola is a community eatery that’s all about serving scrumptious dishes you’ve probably never heard of before. We’re talking things like LoRe Cavatelli (lamb neck with kale and pistachio), bone marrow (short rib with marmalade), yellowfin tuna (with black garlic and pickled mushrooms), you name it. Plus, Agricola is heavily involved in the community, doing service programs that provide hunger relief, nutritional education and culinary professional development.

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    10 Healthy NJ Restaurants - Vital Restaurant & Juice Bar9) Vital Restaurant & Juice Bar. 387 Bloomfield Ave., Montclair   

    Get a dose of authentic Jamaican flavor at Vital Restaurant & Juice Bar, a fun little spot that serves up dishes like jerk shrimp and curry goat, along with plenty of vegetarian-friendly options, served up in a large, bright room with green walls and turquoise napkins reminiscent of the Caribbean. It’s like a mini-vacation from the minute you walk through the door.

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    10 Healthy NJ Restaurants - Pure Pita10) Pure Pita. (Multiple Locations)

    It wouldn’t be a proper healthy restaurants list if one serving Mediterranean food wasn’t on it. Enter Pure Pita, a classic hummus-and-pita spot that serves up delicious food like falafel bombs, homemade pita chips, quinoa tabbouleh, babaganoush, all the usual suspects. Founded in 1993, Pure Pita recently expanded with franchises across New Jersey, meaning there’s probably one close by.

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    Author: Caitlin H
    Diet-to-Go Community Manager

    Caitlin is the Diet-to-Go community manager and an avid runner. She is passionate about engaging with others online and maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle. She believes moderation is key, and people will have the most weight loss success if they engage in common-sense healthy eating and fitness.


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